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Essay on child's healthcare program

Health care in children is important since it enables the parents of the child to identify the disabilities in a child early enough so that they can correct it at an early stage before it gets to chronic levels (Fleming, 2004). In the our program parents are given the best measures to improve on child health hence a decreased infant mortality in the county that in turn translates to the high productivity of the nation. There is a massive need to conduct child healthcare program for the betterment of the future. Basically our child’s healthcare entails the following:

Regular Checkups:

It is significant for children to conduct customary medical checkups starting the time when they are infants until when they are 18. Well children are more apt to turn out to be healthy adults come the future.
Being in good health will help children perform well in the future both psychologically and socially. Other than identifying disabilities at an early stage, the healthcare program will help increase the productivity of the country in a sense that there will be minimal medical problems while at work for the healthcare program in children to be successful the following ctiteria has been adopted in our company.


Most physicians prescribe shots at particular ages.
The baby should be immunized on the following in the first 15moanths:
– Hep B: Prevents the child from getting hepatitis B disease
– DTaP: Prevents the child from diphtheria and tetanus
– Polio: Protects the child against polio.
– MMR: Protects against mumps and measles,
– Chickenpox: Protects the child against chickenpox
It is recommendable to immunize all babies. Immunizations improve school attendance. If you do not have a pediatrician, call contact a healthcare center. This will help your child get the necessary clinic shots.

Hospital Care:

Health Care Plus program provides quality childcare for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Our program will help your child nurture well and develop a positive self-image. Our plan and employees make Health Care Plus program exceptionally qualified to help improve your child’s health.
Our healthcare institution offers a non-profit program. It is situated in a modernized residence direct crossways the street from the major hospital. The program is intended to provide excellent on-site child concern to low-income family with children.

Emergency Room Care:

Health Care Plus provides 24-hour care to infants and children with urgent and emergency medical problems and traumatic conditions, arraying from broken bones to brain complications.
When one brings his or her child to Health care plus, we are obliged mobilize all our child- and family wherewithal to provide you with the best, quickest care. The value of pediatric emergency care at our program includes these important points:
– Our Emergency Medicine professionals, acute have sophisticated schooling, both in emergency care and pediatric emergency care.
– We are always ready to help our child in matters pertaining to injury, illness or whatever brings your kid to our health care center, we have professional physicians to help without more ado.

Professional Care:

The professional Care in Health Care plus program in Houston, TX, provides convenient, easy access to Children. We offer a range of outpatient and surgical services. Medical professions who are competently qualified and trained by Houston’s Physician Hospital provide all care.


Figure 1 shows the age of children in state of Texas charged a fee per child. The certain cost is implied to State of Texas.


Fleming, J. W. (2004). Home health care for children who are technology dependent. New York:
Springer Pub. Co.

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