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Environmental issues

Environmental Issues New inventions and modernization have served to make life much easier for mankind. The human mind has developed and technology has become an essential part of today’s world. Industrialization and scientific inventions have served to make man the master of this world and achieve goals that were considered to be beyond human reach previously. These advancements have been very helpful but they have also been associated with many disadvantages as well. The pollution of the environment is one such problem created. Air pollution is an environmental issue of concern which is a threat to the environment owing to the ecological alterations that it leads to along with the health effects that it has for the people (Cornell University 2007). Air pollution has been further divided into indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution. There are many causes of each of these types. Outdoor air pollution results due to the release of gases from the industries into the air. This results in contaminating the air. This is also true for the emissions from motor vehicles. Furthermore, the usage of insecticides and pesticides also serves to add contaminants to the air. Accidents in nuclear power plants may also result in the release of toxic gases which may pollute the air. Indoor air pollution results due to the burning of coal, oil and wood in the houses. It mainly implies for the rural areas of the developing nations of the world. Cigarette smoking is another factor which leads to the addition of harmful gases to the atmosphere (Park 2007). Air pollution is a serious global issue that needs to be tackled. Different methods and ways have been devised to overcome this problem. The World Health Organization has presented with different solutions that need to be put into action to overcome air pollution. The methods proposed include containment which works towards the utilization of ventilation and purification of air to prevent contaminated air release into the atmosphere. The second method is referred to as replacement. The goal of this method is to prevent the usage of methods that lead to air pollution. The last technique is dilution which functions towards the creation of separate industrial zones located away from areas of residence (Park 2007, Jeremy et al 2010). Air pollution lays serious effects on the environment which can be indicated by the fact that on an annual basis 3 million people tend to lose their lives due to this environmental problem (Cornell University 2007). Air pollution has been identified as the cause of the destruction of animal as well as plant life. It is associated with the phenomenon of acid rain which tends to alter the infrastructure of buildings along with the resulting skin diseases for people who come in contact with it. Air pollution is also linked to the different diseases of respiratory tract and can also affect the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system (Park 2007, Jeremy et al 2010). Thus, it can be analyzed that air pollution is a serious environmental issue that is led to by many causes. It not only alters the normal ecology of the world but also affects the health of the people. Therefore, there should be proper implementation of the methods to overcome this problem. Works Cited Cornell University. ” Pollution Causes 40 Percent Of Deaths Worldwide, Study Finds.” ScienceDaily, 14 Aug. 2007. Web. 4 May 2011. Park, K. Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine. India : M/s Banarsidas Bhanot, 2007. Print. Tiwary, Abhishek, Jeremy Colls, and Jeremy Colls. Air Pollution: Measurement, Modelling and Mitigation. London: Routledge, 2010. Print.

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