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Email password sender trojan essay

Trojan horse is a legitimate program that has been altered by the placement of unauthorized instructions within it. These instructions perform functions unknown to (and probably unwanted by) the user. They are not virus and do not replicate like virus. They are complete application, are not attached themselves. This is the main idea and function of the Trojan horse program.

Email Password Sender Trojan is a small Trojan horse, that will send on to your email somebody’s Internet access passwords such as (CACHE, RAS – (Remote Access Service), WEB, and Screen Saver) passwords. All passwords that will save by the infected user will send it, to the configurable email in the server side. Email Password Sender Trojan has two parts, a client and a server part. Client part, this a configuration of a server part, by doing this you can configure Destination Email Address, Server Mail or the Host address where it is sent, also you can configure by scheduling of sending of what day will send to your email.

Server part is the Trojan itself and has an extension *. exe you can send it to your friend or to your chatter, if the user run the program, the program run in background and visible even in the Task List (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to become unknown to the infected user after that in 1 minute this Trojan program cached all types of saved passwords and send it directly to the configurable email address using SMTP internet mail protocol.

Also if you have an access to your friend computer you can run this program to infect him to get his/her Internet passwords. Also this Trojan is useable in retrieving of lose passwords, this program has the ability to cached all your save passwords in your Windows directly send the summary to your email. Cleaner is also included in this software package so that the user can immediately remove or clean the Trojan if he/she has accidentally execute the server.

The researcher decided to develop this program because the researcher believes that it will be helpful to a lot of people specially Internet users to get Windows passwords such as Internet Accounts to spend more time on Internet without paying.

The importance of the study is to help other people most especially Windows users. We all know that when we connect to the Internet we spend more time for surfing and reading email only, so when we are spending time we spend lots of money to pay the accounts for only using a couple of hours. So this program is the main solution, use it to steal and retrieve Internet accounts of the victim’s computer.

In making this study, the research can gather data by reading computer books, surfing the Internets what’s new about developing Email, stealing passwords and news about Trojans. Survey and questionnaires will be conducted to support the development of the software. The technique that will be used by researcher for the computer implementation of the software is prototyping.

The software will take the form of paper prototype that implement some subset functions required of the desire features of the software because the researcher will start to scratch to develop software. The language that is being used is Microsoft Visual C++ version 6. 0 under Windows environment wherein some functions of this software is focusing Windows passwords and developing Email. This compiler is direct use API (Application Programming Interface) so it is easy to use and more comfortable to develop the software and because of compatibility of the software to run in Windows machine the researcher decided to use this compiler.

And also this compiler is object-oriented language so its easy manipulate data. For the final version of the program, the final testing of the study will conducts to some computer Internet addicts and non addicts, hackers, anti-hackers, high schools and college students, professional and non-professional will be asked to test the program’s capabilities and their feedback through answering survey forms after testing the program.

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