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Effects of mercantilism

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Effects of Mercantilism BY lilyw Mercantilism greatly affected the political and economic development of England’s thirteen colonies. My thought of mercantilism is based on many things that occurred during this time period. The things I based my thought on are the affects of trading, documentation, the conflicts faced by the thirteen colonies. The want for money also affected the thirteen colonies, by having Joint stock companies invest money in over sea travels. The Navigation Acts played a big role in the development of the English colonies.

All the wars caused both economical and political development for the thirteen colonies. The Navigation Acts caused both also, and was put into place due to all the wars that England was in. Also the New England Confederation allowed for more political power. The Joint-stock companies, the Navigation Acts, and the New England Confederation, is Just a small portion of all things that contributed to the conomic and political development of the thirteen colonies. Joint stock companies wanted to get rich off of building new colonies.

They are like the building blocks for colonies, if they didn’t want to go make money, then the English may have let other countries Just take the land. From settling in 1607 until they built up more colonies. Then England started trading more with the colonies, and this provided the colonists with necessities to live. They did not find any gold the oint stock companies were hoping for, but they did find ” Brown Gold” or marijuana which was a good product for making money.

Politically the firsts colonies were run by themselves, as the English didn’t communicate with them that much until they started trading. Economically they found land that was good for growing crops in short seasons, and also found a good source of money, tobacco. They did trade with Indians to gain necessary things to live like food, and tools. These early colonies also played in big role in the Fur Trade.

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