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Effects of gadgets

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Several studies and reports show that the tremendous use of technological peripherals or we popularly call as “ gadgets” have effects to the different aspects of our human body – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. A gadget is usually referred to as “ a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty”. The definition states that “ it has a particular function” which means it can perform particular tasks. Nowadays, these widgets are used for several purposes just like PSP which is used for gaming and also for picture viewing.

With the development of Internet and the growth of applications, many features are installed on the new gadgets today which also implies that gadgets have increased their functions. These features attracts the people to purchase them which now leads to the prevalence of gadget in the world principally they are cheaper presently compared to the past years. Undeniably, these gadgets became a necessity in life that’s why they can’t be easily pull away from everyone. These devices brought fun and excitement, bettercommunicationand virtual gaming which makes it more interactive to everyone.

One of these gadgets is the computer. In today’s modern times, computers are seen almost everywhere we go just like establishments, offices, businesses and schools. With the power of moderntechnology, these computers created a big difference to the world today compared to the past years. At that time when computers are not yet invented, there is no such thing we call as “ automation”. All works are done manually, time and energy consuming. Just like in creating a simple document, we used pen and paper to write an article or any other paper works.

But with the existence of computers, you just need to click the word processing program icon to prepare your medium for writing and you can immediately start typing the characters. It is also free from erasure because of the undo feature included on it. These computers are built to make works easier, faster and lighter. Undeniably, students are also benefited to the existence of computers. During those years when computer is not yet present, students are dependent to books and libraries when it comes to making their home works and paper works.

But as the years passed by, students in the library got fewer because they spend their time doing their works in computer or in their own personal computer. Now in the present time, the age of modern technology, where almost everything is high-tech, computer technologies has greatly improved and has had become better.

These days, the computer technology industry is rapidly growing and changing. Internet are now used on these widgets which become a factor which makes studying fun and easy. With just a single click, all you are searching for will be presented ithout wasting your energy looking for references. However, users of gadgets are becoming addicted in using their devices or being overexposed without knowing the effects it may give to them.

According to an article of IndiaStudyChannel. com (2010), “ Several studies and researches have suggested about the various harmful effects gadgets have on humanhealth. Have you ever imagined that why after watching Television for a long time you tend to feel tired and your eyes strained? Sometimes even listening tomusicfrom earphones for a long time can cause pain in the ears.

In our society nowadays, many youths which are mostly composed of high percentage of students are addicted especially tosocial networkingsites like Facebook and games like Defense of the Ancients. What’s alarming about these things is that students spend most of their time socializing, gaming and they just reserved a little time for studying their lessons. A reason why students are having difficulty when it comes to school works. Their school performances are getting weak reason why they get low grades. Computer addiction is a huge problem for most students.

They procrastinate their works because they don’t notice their time is running fast while they are in front of it. We know that computer and all other gadgets are made to make life easier and enjoyable and all we are searching are attached in this machine. But despite of this factor, the students still get low grades and have weak performance in school. That’s why there is a need for research about this study to find out theeffects of computersto students’ studying habits and the solutions for any dilemma that will present to the results of this research.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Topic: “ Effects of Gadgets to Students’ Studying Habits”

The effects of using gadgets affecting the students’ studying habits disturbed the attention of the researchers because of the fast growing innovations of gadgets nowadays, especially these peripherals are now dominating the world including the field ofeducation. The researchers are mainly concerned with the effects of the gadgets to students’ studying habits and also the solutions to any dilemma that will be present after the results of this research are already been shown. And the most important part of the research, to collect information about the common effects of gadgets to students’ studying habits.

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