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Education and learning

Education and Learning My is Mohammad, and I was born in Kuwait. I have studied a Bachelor of Technology Degree at the of Western Sydney where I graduated in 2005. At CSU, I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in 2009 and am currently doing a PhD and teaching the following subjects: IT Project Management Introduction to Information Technology Introduction to Information systems Business Information Systems Enterprise Information Systems Social Aspects in Information Technology Information Systems Education I worked with a number of government organizations such as Australian Defense Force, Parramatta City Council as Business Applications Analyst. I have also enjoyed attending and conducting researches for various conferences. I have published two conference papers at 2010 related to “ Information systems within the Aboriginal Community In Australia”. I am privileged to have worked on several research studies which were published accordingly, to wit: Mohammad, M.; Yi-Chen Lan; The Dynamic Business Process Development Framework to Bridge the Digital Divide Among the Aboriginal Community In Australia Information Management and Engineering (ICIME), 2010 The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10. 1109/ICIME. 2010. 5477534 Publication Year: 2010, Page(s): 76 – 83. Mohammad, M. (2010). The Implementation of Government Information Systems and Computer Education within Aboriginal Community In Australia. 2010 International Conference on Educational and Information Technology ICEIT 2010. My students are more of informational technology scholars and professionals interested to delve into a more comprehensive and holistic approach in learning various applications of this field of endeavor. In this regard, my teaching philosophy is generally summed as: practice what you preach. One of the most important lessons that any professor could teach any student, for that matter, is the ability to apply what one teaches and to embody the high standards for educational excellence through respect and adherence to ethical and moral standards. Specifically, I believe that the most important elements to consider about teaching and learning are: (1) learning is a continuous process; teaching, therefore requires continuous updates to theoretical frameworks and practical applications of the subject being taught; (2) teachers must adhere to the codes of discipline and ethics required of their profession; and (3) to impart lessons effectively, teachers must have genuine interest on the field of endeavor that they impart and to teach with passion, drive and a lot of humor. Teaching and learning is most effective when applied in a conducive environment where methods and styles conform to the needs and satisfaction of the students they serve.

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