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Economy assignment

In Latin II, students will continue their vocabulary and grammar Instruction from Latin l. We will build upon nouns and adjectives by adding adjective degrees and new uses for noun cases. We will take knowledge of verbs and conjugation and apply this to learning about the passive voice of verbs. We will also begin looking at some more complicated sentence constructions such as indirect statement and relative clause and see how they are used in context.

Emphasis will be on reading, with Cambridge Latin Course Units II and Ill as our primary resources. We will also continue cultural studies begun In Latin l. The focus will be on the Roman colonies in Britain and Egypt, with special focus on military installations and the cities of Alexandria and Aqua Suns (modern day Bath, England). There will also be lessons on Roman history and the relevant myths and legends surrounding these locations. Grading Your grade will be mostly based on the following things: exams; quizzes: and homework. Homework: There will typically be two at-home assignments, minimum, per chapter.

These are to be turned In the next meeting day. Once per quarter, a student may be late turning In an assignment; they may turn It In at the next meeting day for 50% credit. Once a student has used this, they will not get credit for a missing assignment for the rest of the quarter. Homework assignments are worth 10 points each. Quizzes: For each chapter there will be two quizzes. The first will be on day 3 of the lesson and will be on the chapter vocabulary. The second will be on day 5 of the lesson and will be on the chapter grammar and culture.

Quizzes are worth 100 points each; I take the average of the actual points on the quiz to reach that score. If you receive a score of 75 or lower on a quiz, you may make corrections on it for partial points; corrections are due the next class after quizzes are returned. Exams: Exams will occur at the end of the 1st and 2nd semesters. They will be comprehensive for the entire semester ONLY (so your 2nd semester exam Is questions on vocabulary and grammar, as well as charts and sentences to translate. Exams are worth 200 points. Supplies Laptop – as much as possible, students will be using their laptops for annotating and activities.

Vocabulary lists and note packets for each chapter will be stored and used in Endnote, as will homework. These need to be maintained all year (and really, for their whole Latin career). Students need this in class every day. Textbook – our textbook is a resource for information and activities, so you need to bring it with you every day. Expectations Be on time: You need to be in the room before the bell rings. If you aren’t, you need to have a note with you (note from a previous teacher, nurse slip) or I will mark you tardy in attendance.

Be on task: If we are taking notes, take notes. If we are doing class work, do class work. If we are having a discussion, Join with us. And remember, this is Latin class – don’t be reading or doing work for another class. Be prepared: Have your supplies for class in hand when you walk in the door. I will not release you to get them during class. Be ready to learn: If you come in positive and enthusiastic, you’re going to have a great class. If you come in negative and turned off, you’re going to have a bad class. Either way, your attitude is infectious.

If something going on that can affect you having a great class or a bad class, let me know and we’ll talk about it and what’s the best thing to do. Be honest: I take academic dishonesty very seriously. Things that fall under academic dishonesty include (but are not limited to): plagiarism (using material not your own in a way that makes it seem that it is your win); personal cheating (using resources such as vocabulary lists or notes in situations where you know you aren’t allowed access to them); copying off of others; using resources that do work for you.

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