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Economics learning requirements

The paper ” Economics Learning Requirements” is an exceptional example of a personal statement on education. I have always been inspired by changes in the economic infrastructure, and have been struggling to attain a better understanding of today’s competitive economic market. The ever-changing trends in the economy have always inspired me to gain more and more knowledge about economics, business, organizations, financial resources, shareholders, accounting, and so on. I know that I have that instinct and passion that is needed for building a career in economics. This becomes one of the major reasons why I want to gain a Ph. D. degree in economics in the future. This personal statement introduces my personal competencies and educational achievements. To introduce me, I transferred from ABC University to XYZ University to pursuit a better academic environment, so as to be able to make improved learning possible. I have studied two major math courses to have a good math foundation, and have studied economics to back up my academic background. Currently, I am working as a TA, and possess strong communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, analytical skills, and teaching foundation. I have also passed two actuarial exams. I have always been a very good student getting positions and certificates, and have always tried to maintain a high level of GPA. My teachers and professors always considered me a student worthy of reward. Thanks to the interest and hard work I put in, I happened to get an internship, which helped me in getting acquainted with the field of economics. The duration of the internship was more than one year. I have also attended some training courses as well.
Now, I am looking forward to the Ph. D. degree in order to extend my knowledge in my field of interest. For this, I keep myself updated with the economics learning requirements. I keep on reading-related journals, books, and magazines, and attend related seminars held in my city, which helps me stay up-to-date with the learning requirements of today’s economics students. I feel that I possess those special competencies that are needed to fulfill the requirements for this degree. I have always come up with bright, original and exceptional ideas regarding research. I have learned basic computer knowledge, so as to equip myself with the latest technology that may help me in excelling in this degree.
I feel that I have enough knowledge and passion to show that I have a craze about going ahead in the field of economics and contribute to the business market. I keep myself updated and equipped with the necessary knowledge through seminars and courses. I have always thought about bringing my knowledge into use that I gained during my college. This enthusiasm is what makes me a capable student worthy of pursuing a Ph. D. degree in economics. I hope that the enthusiasm and fervor, which I possess for this degree, entitle me for getting admission to it. I aim to work so hard as to bring good name to the university and myself. I hope the authorities will consider my personal statement and will grant me the honor of joining their Ph. D. program and valuable coursework.

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