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Drugs in sport speech essay

A harsher penalty for drug cheats in sport Hello fellow students of Taylor Lakes Secondary College.

Today I will be speaking about performance enhancing drugs In sport, and why there should be harsher penalties for athletes who use them. In order to become a successful athlete, you must dedicate a large part of your life to that sport. This Is the reason why athletes get paid so much, because they have put in so much work in order to entertain audiences.

And its one of the many reasons why drug cheats should be handed rasher penalties, they’re getting paid such high amounts of money for cheating, fans will come to watch their favorite athlete only to eventually find out that they’ve been cheering on a cheater all this time.

Also, they’re robbing their peers careers, if it were an individual sport and somebody had been using performance enhancing drugs in order to continuously win an event, then they’re effectively stealing both tangible and intangible rewards from their opponents.

It Is for these factors that using performance enhancing drugs in a sport, should be classified as a serious crime cause what they’re doing Is stealing, they’re stealing rewards and money from their opponents, as well as deceiving their fans and teammates. If we don’t crack down on harsher penalties then we will always have cheats In sport. Athletes are getting paid too much money for them to cheat their way to success. The best athletes around the world are getting paid weekly, what would be a healthy yearly salary.

However, if they’re cheating in order to be successful, then why should they be receiving so much money for performing better than their natural ability? Sport is what gives people and especially less fortunate countries the opportunity to escape the harsh realities of life.

If an athlete happens to cheat, then they have disrespected that sport and lied and betrayed their teammates, opponents and fans that are paying their hard earned money to see these athletes, and are Dolling what could potentially be a cheater. Athletes are robbing their peers’ opportunity of success or making it to the top level.

A young athlete that may have trained their whole life may never of had the chance o make it to the top level because their main competitor was gaining that edge over them by using performance enhancing drugs. Another example could be an elite athlete Just missing out on an Olympic medal only to find out years later that their competitor was cheating. These cheats in the sporting world are taking away the chance of an athlete achieving ultimate glory for their respective sport or being known as a legend of their sport after retiring. By stealing these opportunities they are effectively stealing money off their fellow athletes.

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