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Dress circle

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Company: ProteusCustomer: Dress CircleSubmitted by: Montgomery-Baird CommunicationsDress Circle is a London shop and world-wide mail order operation, selling an unrivalled selection of West End and Broadway musical merchandise – from audio and books, to posters and nostalgia items.

The Brief

Dress Circle wanted to open up the web as a new sales channel, but at the same time integrate it with existing channels.

The Solution

proteus developed a bespoke back end to the site utilising a specialist shopping cart and payment system. A bespoke solution was necessary to meet the specific needs of Dress Circle’s product requirement.

In implementing the e-commerce solution, proteus also successfully solved the channel integration problems. Murray Allen of Dress Circle said, “ Dress Circle is incredibly well known amongst theatre musical fans, but the website has enabled us to open up to a more international market. We regularly receive international orders for which we would never have been able to do without a web presence.”

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