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Dope sick

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Ricothe kid that shot the police officerLil Jsubject of the storyKellyOdd man in the building with a tvWhere was Lil J planning to go to get a job? Home DepotThe drug that Lil J and Rico have been usingHeroinWhat injury does Lil J have? broken armWhat is special about Kelly’s tv? It can show the past, present, and possible futureWhat literary device is used in this novel through out the whole novel with Kelly and his TV? Magic RealismWhy does Walter Dean Myers write so many books about kids in trouble? He also had difficulty in school with fighting and people making fun of him. Did Walter Dean Myers finish school in a traditional high school? No, He dropped outWhat question does Kelly keep asking Lil J? If you could change one thing what would it be? Why do the police think that Lil J is the shooter? Rico was picked up and that is what he told policeWhere in the building would Lil J like to go? The roofWhat martial Art does Lil J remember taking? Kung FuWhat martial art did Mrs. Hale take? Jiu JitsuWhat impact do you think Kelly will have on Lil J? various ______________________________ (fill it in)What does Lil J steal from his mother? pain killersjuiceheadalcoholicLaurenLil J’s girlfriendWhy do you think that Kelly doesn’t share anything about himself? various but probably to keep the focus on Lil J’s situationWhat does Lil J accuse Kelly of being? a copWho or what do you think Kelly is? (don’t just give a one word answer)angel, sorcerer, magical being, a psychic etc. mumbledsaid in a low, unclear wayWhy and how do you think the tv can look at the past, present, and future? (again write a complete thought)variousauthorityPower that has been institutionalized and is recognized by the people over whom it is exercised. dibbing (The dictionary doesn’t have this word in this context. Use context clues from the book to determine meaning.)? How does Lil J get caught up and knows that the police are after him? Ricco told the cops that Lil J was the shooterbanistera railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from fallingHow does Lauren feel about Lil J’s drug use? They fight about it. She hates it. junkiesdrug addicts, people who use drugsMauriceThe guy that went with Lil J to the Home Depot. He stayed and applied for a job while Lil J left. In the rap Lil J says that there are two kinds of rules. What are they? 1. Rules for the man; 2. rules for the foolsWhat literary device is used in this quote from the rap?
” In the super ghetto of defeat” metaphorWhat literary device is used in this quote from the rap?
” stinking like a piece of week-old meat” similesetting (Where does the book take place)inside an abandoned building in the cityWhat does Lauren want Lil J to do in front of her that makes him uncomfortable? use drugsWhat is the significance of the title ” Dope Sick?” It can have multiple interpretations. In the book the literal translation is someone who taken so much dope that they are sick. Or the idea that Lil’ J is sick of his life that has been damaged by dope. What type of person does Lil’ J expect to find in the abandoned building? Someone homeless or a junkie half passed out.” Kelly talked street, but I wasn’t sure.” What makes Lil J uncertain about Kelly’s street cred despite his ability to talk street? Lil J’ instinct or intuition tells him that there is more to Kelly than just a street kid. What does Lil’ J tells Lauryn ” Don’t go white on me?” Do these instances show racial stereotyping? Justify your answer. sWhat issues at home might explain Lil’ J’s drug use? mom is an alcoholic and abuses pain pills. It also seems that Lil’ J is not in contact with or influenced by his father. Why does Kelly keep asking Lil’ J what he wants to change even when Lil’ J has given an answer. His answer is too ” present.” He is focused what is happening right now instead of looking at the decisions that lead to this point. The end of the novel is ambiguous. Even though Lil’ J sees Kelly killed by the swat team, He knows that he will see Kelly one day. How is this possible? Who or what do you think Kelly is? Justify your answer. various ONDOPE SICK SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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