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Does technology ruin your childhood essay

Our common concern has been that although technology has boosted hillside’s talent for multitasking, their ability to process information deeply may be deteriorating. The current generation of children is completely different from the previous ones. They are living in the digital age. “ Technology has blended in with daily activity to become a way of life and children today take for granted all of which is automated. It is hard for kids today to imagine a world that existed without all of the gadgets, electronics and seamless operations that computer technology provides. (Glosses) “ Children In the united States devote some 40 hours a week to elevation, video games and the Internet. ” (Kale, Raymond and Adams) Many psychologists and researchers are concerned about the impact that technology may have on children. Limitations: Does it benefit or ruin your childhood? Technology meaning the use of cellophanes, televisions, I pads, computers. Age group from 4-10. Yes: Children become obese, fear nature, limiting outdoor play, which Is essential for achieving sensory and motor development and meaningful Interactions.

With active video games, children do not increase in physical activity possibly due to games laded with minimal effort or children exercise less. Children sleep hours are disrupted as their minds are still active thinking about the games they were playing or because they are up late playing games. Children become anti-social, as they are pre-occupied using different electronic devices Instead of socializing with family and friends. No: children develop better hand-eye coordination, as during typing for example, they know their keyboard well enough to type fast and limit their time looking down to see what they type.

Children are so focused to finish a game that whenever they are even a task to do they are willing to complete the task. Some games require you to solve the problems so this develops problem-solving skills at school or in any given situation. In games users are forced to make quick decisions, as there Is a time frame In which they have to complete the level so this develops In children quick thinking and making fast analytical decisions. Furthermore: DRP Eric Sigma has regularly said that children watching more screen media than ever, and that this habit should be curbed because it could lead to addiction or depression.

A recent study from Stilling University’s school of education found that the family’s attitude to technology at home was an Important factor In Influencing a child’s relationship with It. Heather Kirkland, assistant professor In human could hold educational potential for toddlers. Research from University of Wisconsin, presented at a meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, found that children aged between two and three were more likely to respond to video screens that prompted children to touch them that a video that demanded no interaction. Tap://www. BBC. Com/news/health-22219881 Conclusion: Overall, technology does both good and bad for children yet it does more bad. Before a certain age they should learn manually to develop the normal skills for everyday life. Yes, the future looks like it will be computerized but having the basic skills to start with is extremely important for infants. Children have to be able to write, as it is the foundation to learning. Being addicted to technology is a big problem these days.

Science has recently proved that the radiation from technology is in fact harmful to he human body if we are exposed to it in excess. Technology is important to us all, but moderation is key. Furthermore, children are exposed to a lot of violence in games and have access to inappropriate websites, which can destroy their innocent minds. Not a lot of parents are able to keep track of what their children are watching or playing on the internet and so this influences bad behavior, develop bad habits and wrong values. Done by: Summarily Small, Ampere Hashish, Marjoram Scrimshaw and Sashimi Joke.

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