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Divided nations, one heart

Today Kim Jong II rules over North Korea as a dictator. South Korea is ruled by Lee Myung-bak as a president. Both nations are located on a piece of land called the Korean Peninsula which was once one political nation until the end of World War II.

This peninsula is located in East Asia and extends about 684 miles. It is surrounded by several oceans, Sea of Japan (East Sea) on the east, the East China Sea to the south, and the Yellow Sea to the west. This peninsula is referred to by different names in both North and South Korea, in the North it is Chos? n Pando and in the South it is Han Bando. These two nations, though they share one peninsula, they differ immensely and do not associate kindly with each other. Though this is truly only harbored amongst the government and very few citizens.

In truth, the people of these nations are in a similar situation as those during our civil war. Family is pinned against family against their wills do to their governments. These two nations are also like that of West and East Germany. West Germany is like South Korea when compared to its political rule, laws, and people. Then that leaves East Germany being like North Korea, both ruled by communists, harshly ruled, and people from them can never go to the other nation or they will be killed.

In truth these people are divided by nations, but all their hearts beat as one, for family and peace. Recently a South Korean naval ship, called the Cheonan, was torpedoed in North Korean waters. There were 46 fatalities that day, all South Koreans, all lost needlessly. North Korea admitted to the South Korean government that this firing of the torpedo was intentional and they stated they would do so again if anymore ships were to come into their waters again. They did not of course comment on the deaths of the men, which only infuriated South Korea more.

The word “ War” has been lingering in the air in the event though neither country has ever confirmed or denied such a move or reaction. The United States has been training with the South Korean navy and army and most know that if war should come between the two countries then we would ally with the South and join in. Some have come to the conclusion that this would only be fair since we have supported them so far. Others think that we do not need to fight in another war we have no business to be in. personally I do not think we should join in on this possible war. We are already in a war against Afghanistan and we are still paying the price for the war we had just ended with Iraq.

Should we join the war there is no real benefit whether we win or we lose, only the loss of our soldiers’ lives. America should also try to solve the problems within its own borders before trying to help others with theirs. North Korea and South Korea will forever be in conflict as long as there are still those two nations on that one peninsula. This is a fact that I know we will never be able to solve with force, peace, or war. It is honestly pointless trying to create peace between two nations that for the most part do not want peace. This will be a constant problem for the unfortunate citizens of the North and South.

They will never be able to walk among one another or to celebrate a victory as one. There will always be a loss or a victory between the divided people. Perhaps if a miracle should occur, the two nations will once again reunite just as Germany had, but that is a dream that can certainly without any doubt be cast into the dark abyss of the unlikely. The people are divided by nations but their hearts beat as one.

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