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Discovering japan

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The movie shows that generally, people are happy with their lives in Japan despite the major concerns about the lack of opinions and critical media.

The movie is very informative about Japanese culture because it goes much deeper than sights and customs. It shows Japanese daily life with its positive and negative sides. I do not like the fact that some Western men defined their main purpose in Japan to have some relationships with Japanese women. On the other hand, it is pleasant to see that people adapt to local customs and contribute to community order and safety. One of the respondents found $3000, camera and passport and gave them back to the person who had lost all those things. It shows that Japanese culture changes people in some way making them more responsible and carrying.

Overall, Japan has a very unique culture and people need to learn at least something about it before coming to Japan. There are not many people who speak English, so they need to take care of the communication issue. At the same time, the movie shows that being a relatively isolated community, Japan is also influenced by world globalization. It becomes more tolerant of foreigners. This documentary significantly expands knowledge about Japanese culture and people; it contributes to my cultural knowledge and represents Japan in a totally different light.

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