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Democracy assignment

All there children talked with their parents for planning next step of class monitor ‘ s election. These private talking and moments are the processes of the election and adding the reality of the documentary. Many people may ignore the camera ‘ s angle in the documentary . Numbers of the screen moments display the reality of the documentary . For example, when the camera man interviewed the little girl with the question of who she would vote for .

The level of the camera is low and closed to the little girl -It seems a classmate asking her. This scene gives viewer a ultimate feeling while giving audiences more reality. Therefore, this documentary is constructed with reality, while reality gives the documentary power on the theme that is democracy is deficient. All media contain beliefs and messages. The beginning of the documentary has mentions the three candidates are elected by the teachers firstly. Therefore, excepted those three children, other classmates have no fair chances.

Although , it does not mention significantly, it gives audience a usage that democracy may not that fair as they know at the beginning of the documentary. Secondly, the first crying scene in the documentary is very meaningful. The children cry because Chem. Chem. and other gangs attack Xx Ixia lei when Xx is performing. Lit cause Xx crying directly. And then the gangs and also Chem. Chem. are feel guilty. They cry and say sorry to Xx. This demonstrate the democracy is filled with bad strategies that always hurt people. Also, at the end of the documentary , the children cry again because Lou lei becomes class monitor. Viciously the children feel depressed about Lou lei becoming the class monitor instead of Chem. Chem. or Xx Ixia lei becoming the class monitor. Meanwhile, this scene gives audience implication that democracy can’t be perfect, even in the sample class monitor election in a primary school. Democracy is showed as flawed through these scenes. All media have special interests. As we know, democracy is not common in China. When it happened firstly in China, people pay numbers of attention in the democracy election. As a result, children ‘ s parents become strong backup of children.

For instance, Lou lei’s father is a powerful political leader I. e. gives each classmate a nice gift that directly make Lou lei become a popular candidate. This demonstrates though in the simple class monitor election, the external forces such as backup are unfair elements for the democracy . This illustrate democracy is deficient. Another outstanding scene is Xx Ixia lei and her mother are very powerless. They are poor and bullied. As a result, only few classmates support Xx in the whole election-Directly, there is nearly no hope for Xx to win -It indicates again that democracy is not perfect.

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