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Cultural views

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We as American??™s take out Healthcare system for granted. When an individual gets sick we automatically think we can go the hospital or doctors office. America itself has much different kind of cultures and races, and each one believes in something differently. The question is does the healthcare provider have an idea what is accepted or not through the different culturesIt is good to not make a generalization of the different cultures towards the patients. The Buddhists have been known to believe in the good health which comes from the equilibrium.

Some of the people call this either chi or yi and yang each one of them goes towards the balance of the body. There should be no toxins that goes into the body such as; tobacco, alcohol or drugs of any kind. It has been known that mean can also be a form of toxin that goes into the body.

This process can put the balance off which then can lead to illnesses. Vegetarians can have a lack of B12 in their body so there should be more vegetable. With these cultures there??™s really no nutrition plan that can put into place to make them healthier. Part of being culturally competent health care professional is being careful not to make any kind of judgment on the patients, (ElGindy, 2005). The Buddhists have been known to use the natural healings such as; herbal teas and whatever kind of medications. The Buddhists also try to concentrate on not suffering as much and keeping a focus on both the mind and body when their going through an illness or some kind of injury. The Australia and the Aborigines towards the indigenous people there illness came from the supernatural form.

It was stated by Shahid, Finn, Bessarab and Thompson (2009), that ??? effects of the Aborigines have been diagnosed with cancer or another life threatning illness. When this happens the individual was cursed by some sort of black magic which leads to doing something wrong. The Aborigines have also been known to either hide from their symptoms or not deal with any kind of treatment. When the subject about illnesses is talked about this can put a scare or fear of the idea of getting the illness. If they believe that the illness can come from supernatural itself then the healing can take affect and dying from the disease could happen. There has been the belief that doctors can cure cancer and there??™s some kind of miracle, but when individuals were dying from cancer, Aborigines began to think negatively towards western medicine.

When this happened the whole aspect turned into a negative experience in receiving care. The Indigenous people believed in the use of bush medicines and their way of thinking became holistic. The healing process for the Indigenous people is both emotional and physical. To have efficient communication towards the Indigenous people the health care workers need to have the acknowledgment of the treatment and the healing. The organic way of life is how the Buddhist lives so they can have the balance in the body, which lead to their beliefs. If an individual can live and eat correctly then the balance of their life is correct. The Indigenous people believe in the organic way of life, but disease to them can become a curse and can make and feel stigmatized.

In conclusion, the patient can become influenced by how they are taken care of and different cultures do not follow the medical ways. The health care worker needs to be open-minded in how the western ways are by listening and communicating and keeping in mind of the fears or the beliefs of the patient. When the health care worker keeps in mind of all the different cultures and how they live their lives in medicine we can all better understand each other. write my essay best website ReferencesElGindy, G (2005). Understand Buddhist Patient??™s Dietary.

Retrieved, May 30, 2010 from www. minoritynurse. com/dietetic/understanding-buddhist-patients-dietary-needsShahid, S., Finn, L., Bessarab, D., and Thompson, S.

(2009). Understanding, beliefs and perspectives of Aboriginal people in Western Australia about cancer and its impact on access to cancer services. BMC Health Services Research 2009, Retrieved, May 30, 2010

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