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Cultural geography assignment

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Place Identity “ College life, more fun in UST” – patterned from the ad of the Department of Tourism (It’s more fun in the Philippines) – is the best phrase that can describe college life in UST. The university is known for various awaited events that are open to the public and some exclusive to the Thomasian community. One of this is the “ Welcome Walk” for the freshmen. It is an event annually held, wherein the Thomasian freshmen akes their first walk through the Arch of the Centuries as a tradition of proclaiming them as officially Thomasians.

Another high light event in the Thomasian college life is the “ USTv Student’s Choice Awards On Television” it is an award-giving body by the Thomasians for people with proven excellency in the field of television. Lastly, may be regarded as the most awaited event as a tradition of celebrating the festive christmas season is the “ Paskuhan” which showcases different perfomances of Student organizations, live-bands and a spectacular show of pyrotechny. The event sums up the Thomasian way of celbrating Christmas.

If the University of Santo Tomas is a person, He would be old, but young in heart; Rich and honored, yet down to earth. UST, being the oldest University in the Philippines and in the whole of Asia, has laid its foundations in the field of teaching through the centuries. The university has been giving quality education for more than four centuries, yet the university has found its way to catch up with the trend. The university was personified as “ old” by the fact of its existence and “ young at heart” ecause of its various ways of making the university up-to-date when it comes to the interests of the young generation.

The university was able to Jive with the current generation by improving their facilities, services, curriculum, events and etc. The university is also personified as “ rich and honored, yet down to earth” because, although being termed by various authorities as royal, pontifical, Catholic university of the Philippines, the university has kept its feet on the ground. 2. Domestic Culture University of Santo Tomas is located at Espana, Manila. It is surrounded by buildings, ostly dormitories, condominiums, apartments that aid the necessity of the students.

Most of the students from University of Santo Tomas stay in a dormitory for convenience since some of them came from provinces. Inside the university, there are a lot of security guards roaming and standing, for every gate there is a security guard and for every building too. The security guard checks the ID every time students enter any college building. The whole University is enclosed with walls with Parish Church conducting masses for the public and the UST Hospital operating ithin the university.

However, security guards make sure that they properly check everyone before allowing them to enter the premises of the university. 3. Public Places The Thomasians come out in public places in the university according to their purpose. For example, if a student is to go to the library or a formal event he or she must wear his or her uniform or a semi-formal attire. If a student is going to the campus for a Jog, then he or she might wear sports wear appropriate for Jogging. The students may come out in public according to their purpose.

Furthermore, the niversity is open to the public, wether a student, employee, professor or totally not affiliated to the institution. The Whole university is open to everyone, except for college buildings, offices, library and other places without due purpose. The population found in the library may be different with the one found in the park, the field and etc. The group of people may vary depending on their interests. People found in libraries can be regarded as book-worms, intelligent and studious. The group of people found in different sections of the library may be situationally- ounded. or example, you can find more AB students in the Social Sciences section, more students from the College of Science in the Scince section, so on and so forth. The group found. Walking in the parks may be regarded as students who is enjoying their leisure time. All groups found in different spaces in the university has its own reason being in the said place. 4. Relationship to the Sacred UST is a very religious university and before we start to do anything, we start it with a prayer. Our university is a catholic school so we have a parish inside the school remise s and in each rooms, we can find a cross.

I dont think that religion affect the social structure, if you have a different religion from ohers, then that would be respected. Everyone treats each other well. The church is sacred to everybody, ofcourse. There is no profane place 6. Consumer Culture People consume depending on their favorite food to eat or items needed for their nowadays, they go for the affordability of a certain product or service. it is observed in some restaurants that students does not only eat for the sake of eating but a way or bonding and socializing with friends.

Students go for restaurants that are affordable yet meets quality standards. The places where students consume may vary also according to the place where a specific population is located for example, AB and Commerce students are located at the St. Raymund’s Building which is near to Dapitan. With that case, it is expected that AB and Commerce students are to consume goods sold in Dapitan. 9. Food Culture University of Santo Tomas is surrounded by restaurants, eateries and places where you can eat.

The restaurants around UST are known for ‘ budget meal’, ‘ student meal’ which are very affordable and worth it. Dapitan has restaurants like Jollibee, Wendys Army Navvy, Goldilocks, Mang ‘ nasal, KFC and Lacson has Yellow Cab, Mcdonald’s, Espana has Nitz, Bonchon, Pancake House and P. Noval has Starbucks, Pares Boy and so much more. There are a of of restaurants found inside the university. Located in front of the UST Hospital and above the carpark are such. Students who stay in a dorm usually eat outside the campus. There are a lot of foods that you can find around UST. 0.

Passion Communities The Thomasian community is composed of people with wide range different interests. Each and every person has its own little passion. Some may like sports, some may love theatre, some may enjoy debates. There are different organizations that connect people with the same passion, these organizations help them build camaraderie and rapport with people who share the same interest. For example, UNESCO UST is an organization for students who want to be heard and has a dream to make that change, Teatro Tomasino an organization for students who share the assion of theatre arts.

The Thomasian Community has its own fighter when it comes to basketball, when the UAAP season comes in you’ll hear all the Thomasians yelling “ Go USTe”. The Growling Tigers is UST’s team of athletes for Basketball. We may all have different interests but all of us will agree in one thing, our devotion for praying. Every noon time and 6 0’clock in the evening we pray the Angelus and the 3 0’clock prayer evry afternoon. We hold Rosary rallies, masses and other spiritual activities that strengthens us as a one community.

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