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Critical analysis critical thinkings example

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The research was conducted due to the increased imbalance and immobility among the healthy older adults. It was ascertained that most of the adults did not engage in the physical and psychological activities that would have helped in the improvement of their health. The few who engaged in the activities were inconsistent hence the findings of the benefits would not have been determined as they were not effective (Kennedy et al. 2014). The older adults especially above the age of sixty five years were prone to be affected by several avoidable diseases. The dormant ones were highly susceptible as opposed to those who would engage in the physical exercises.
The hypothesis stated by the authors was that the old adults should be engaged in the multi-component exercise intervention to balance and mobilize their bodies. The authors suggest that the activities would have numerous benefits to those who would practice it. The community based gymnasiums ought to have been introduced to the people to ensure an ample location for the activities. The gym instructors were to direct them in the resistance and the flexibility exercises. The old adults needed to be alerted on the benefits of the exercise as a way of motivating them to work harder and be consistent in their workings.
The participants of the study were forty five old adults in number. However, the participants were to be inactive so that the research would contain the correct findings of the benefits of the exercise where thirty three of them were supposed to return for assessment after one year of exercise (Cavill et al. 2006). The old adults were selected in random basis form the different regions. The inclusion criterion was; those who met the requirements of maintaining their usual activity when not in session, and were assessed through the medical physical activity scale for the elderly. The selected were given the approval by the health and medical human resource ethics committee. Those who did not meet the criteria of following the rules provided by the research team were forced out of the study.
The study design entailed providing the eligible participants with the different exercises that would help them to ascertain and explain the data so as to come with a solid conclusion based on the outcomes of the research. The activities undertaken would be done thrice a week. There were those who could not participate in the study due to health issues while others were not available for the follow up (Kennedy et al. 2014). During the analysis, there were those members who failed to provide a feedback or were unable to travel thus making them unreliable for adequate information. At the end, only eleven members were analyzed.
The results of the study were analyzed as follows. The exercise group had improved significantly as opposed to the control group who had no improvements at all after the one year. The participants who were consistent in their exercises had experienced greater benefits in terms of balance and their mobility, and their strength has also increased. The researchers also assessed the risk level of diseases to the participants and concluded that the risk level was lower than that of those who did not participate in the exercise. Bearing in mind that exercises improve the health of persons, for instance, exercises increase the heartbeat reducing the cardiovascular diseases. The blood would also be pumped into the body normally hence free flow of blood and fluids.
The results supported the author’s hypothesis. The outcome of the study depicted the same picture painted by the authors that the long-term benefits of a multi-component exercise intervention to balance and mobility in healthy old adults (Cavill et al. 2006). The results portrayed that the exercises would be of great help in the maintenance of the health of the old people. They all seem to be in agreement as no contradictory information was gathered. There was no engagement of proclamation in the research.
The limitations discussed by the authors were; the study was not power-driven to pinpoint changes in the fall rates of the risks of the participants, and their limitations to identify important differences between the groups. The strength was the maintenance of quicker times in the research thus saved a lot of productive time that would have been used in the analysis of the results (Kennedy et al. 2014). The strengths that were not discussed in the article were the effectiveness of mobilizing the old people in embracing of the activities. The supervision was well structured and well planned as there were no inconveniences. The weakness not identified was their inability to conduct adequate research on adequate population of the old people. The number selected would be hard to come up with convincing reports. The sample selected would not have showed the best representative of the population thus inadequate results.


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