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Cost analysis of model t2 for the ford model-t challenge

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Career Episode 2 inside informations the work carried out during my winter vacations and a twosome of months during my 2nd semester over a period of 4 months from June 2008 boulder clay September 2008 at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, Geelong campus, Victoria. I was working as the Costing and Manufacturing Engineer on the Ford Model-T challenge, where I had to transport out a elaborate research on different bing methods adopted by major auto fabrication companies at different parts of the universe. My supervisor for the whole undertaking work was Dr. Bernard Rolfe who besides was the undertaking coordinator for the full undertaking.

Paragraph 2. 1


The undertaking was carried out at the Geelong Technology Precinct ( GTP ) which provides a alone resource and installation for research aimed at industry co-operation and research application. Geelong Technological Precinct is home to the Institute for Technology Research and Innovation ( ITRI ) and Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation ( CMFI ) , a multidisciplinary research group with over 100 research pupils and staff at Deakin University Waurn Ponds campus. As portion of the undertaking work I had to carry on an intensive research on different ways of fabrication and cost decrease methods for the construct auto. Regular meetings, updates and hebdomadal presentation were held at Geelong Technological Precinct which is located at Deakin University Waurnponds.

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Dr. Bernard Rolfe was the undertaking coordinator of the Ford Model-T challenge squad which had many groups working under him at the same time. Working as the costing and fabrication applied scientist, I had to work manus in manus with the other sections such as design squad, concern instance section and piecing section to understand the market tendencies and the advanced distribution scheme developed. The chief aim for the Model-T challenge by Ford Motor Company was to develop an advanced design of a rider vehicle which has the public presentation of USD $ 20, 000 but for a monetary value of USD $ 7000. This was achieved merely coming up with a radical construct which is robust and light weight along with a measure alteration in fabrication and assembly of the vehicle, by which the costs associated with the stuffs, fabrication and assembly were reduced drastically. A wise choice of stuffs and fabricating procedure was necessary at each phase.

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Many pupils from different subjects were working as a squad on assorted sections under this undertaking. Each section had its ain aim and had to work manus in manus to accomplish the common end. The construct auto was considered as an full assembly which was decomposed into sub-assemblies and parts. Each sub-assembly compiled of many single constituents which has different maps in the auto. The topics like Automotive Engineering, Theory of Machines and Machines Production Process studied in my unmarried mans degree helped me to work out the jobs encountered and to acquire a better apprehension on the aims of the undertaking.

Axial rotations and duty of my Engineering occupation:

  • Thorough research on different bing techniques used by car companies.
  • To construct up a elaborate Bill of Materials.
  • To analyse the cost for Manufacturing and Assembling the construct auto
  • Technical Presentation of the consequences

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Paragraph 2. 5


Initially I was given a elaborate orientation about the undertakings and duties as a Manufacturing and Costing Engineer. A undertaking safety program was conducted to acknowledge the possible jeopardies that may affect during the undertaking work at GTP. The first undertaking of the undertaking was to understand the dislocation of the construct Model-T2 vehicle. Meetings were held on a regular basis with the undertaking coordinator, caput of each section associated in this undertaking and the employees at Ford Australia to understand the outlooks and demands of the undertaking and my function as fabrication and bing applied scientist.

Paragraph 2. 6

The construct auto was considered as a system with many sub systems assembled together. Each sub-system is compiled of many single parts which has different maps in the auto. The initial undertaking was to place the bomber assemblies and so to name every individual parts in the subsystem. The chief aim is to fabricate the auto with light weight stuffs at the same clip cut down the costs incurred. As the bing heavy metals were substituted by light weight plastics or tantamount stuffs to cut down the vehicle weight it besides involved different fabrication techniques so as to accommodate the new stuffs. A professional criterion was maintained while choosing the fabrication procedure and making the measure of stuffs.

Paragraph 2. 7

The Model T2 comes with a power train that consists chiefly of a Drive Train, Jet Burner and a HVAC unit. The chief constituent of thrust train is the Air Motor which is casted, forged and assembled utilizing metal steel. The jet burner unit consists of parts such as fumes, burnet jet, base, burner lodging, safety valve, recreation valve, Si manifold and connexion pipes which are non custom parts and can be manufactured by projecting and hammering or purchased from a possible provider. Injection modeling procedure is used to fabricate the parts in the HVAC units chiefly top and bottom lodgings, spliting valves, cabin air ducting and fan lodging.

Paragraph 2. 8

A conventional phonograph record brake system was preferred for the forepart Surs. The brake system being a conventional 1 could be outsourced and so assembled in the works. The forepart and the rear wheels are manufactured utilizing the 6061 metal by projecting procedure and so machined, slotted and drilled. The front wheel hub is manufactured utilizing metal steel by projecting procedure and so machined. The stuff used for the rear wheel hub is 6061 metal and manufactured utilizing projecting procedure. The Surs are purchased from a possible provider. The suspension systems used in the forepart are independent dual wishing bone suspension system. The stuff used for the upper arm is 6061 metal and manufactured by projecting procedure. The lower arm is manufactured by axial rotation organizing with Martensitic steel. The major constituents of the rear suspension system are upper and lower telescopic forks and spiral spring which can be outsourced. The forepart and rear suspension saddle horses are manufactured by projecting with cast Aluminum and 6061 metal severally.

Paragraph 2. 9

The organic structure construction comprises of two major subdivisions, the Lower subdivision and the Exterior. For the lower subdivision, the fabrication processes involved are stomping, casting, rosin transportation mounding, bulge, speedy measure and axial rotation forming. Firewall and bumper are stamped utilizing double stage steel and Martensitic steel severally. The wheel arches, front entree panel and front bomber frame are manufactured utilizing rosin transportation molding. The clang tubings are manufactured utilizing C fiber epoxy complex by speedy measure procedure. Resin transportation molding is used to fabricate glass reinforced thermoplastic rosin floor. The fabricating techniques were proposed to develop the vehicle organic structure construction cost expeditiously utilizing unconventional methods. The exterior subdivision consists of bumper, bonnet, doors, rear quarters, door pealing support strip, front support strip, Windowss, and roof and rear quarters. The fabrication procedures used are resin transportation molding and injection compaction molding.

Paragraph 2. 10

Some of the fabricating procedure such as the Resin Transfer Moulding, Quick Step and Roll Forming are unconventional as they prove to be more economical and specific to the stuff choice done already. Resin transportation modeling gives an mean rhythm clip of 10-15 proceedingss and the tooling cost can about be considered as USD $ 250, 000. Due to volume of stuffs used is more, the stuff costs would be really low, runing typically from 20-30 % between two or three times that figure for a simple stamping or assembly. Quick Measure showed a decrease of 50 to 90 % over autoclave rhythm times. The speedy measure rating, prototyping and developing installation about costs & A ; lb ; 2. 1 million. Compared to the conventional sterilizer procedure for the similar portion, speedy measure procedure could do a economy of 65 % on its tooling cost and thereby doing an overall economy of 80 % . Roll forming was considered as it ‘s an efficient and economical manner of doing subdivisions at high production rates. The rhythm clip can be about calculated as 80ft/min x 60 min, that would be 4800 ft/hr. The installation cost for the axial rotation forming set can be about USD $ 4 million and the associated tooling cost is about USD $ 40, 000. A comparative survey was conducted to choose the most economical and efficient fabrication procedure related to the stuff selected and the figure of constituents.

Paragraph 2. 11

The cost appraisal technique used was the analogy based technique which uses quantitative appraisal methods. The quantification of each resource peculiarly in the initial phases was highly hard because the sum of information provided was less and the low degree definition of the undertaking, aid was acquired from the finance section of Ford Australia. The costs calculated along with other disbursals were acquired from constituents manufactured in a similar manner to acquire an approximative figure. The costs of the constituents that were outsourced are added along with the stuff cost of those manufactured to acquire the entire stuff cost. The entire variable cost of the vehicle is complied chiefly by the stuff cost along with the guarantee cost, cargo and distribution cost, proviso cost, selling and gross revenues cost. The fixed costs of the vehicle comprises chiefly of the initial investings made for the works layout, tooling cost, prototyping and all other development costs. All the other costs such as processing costs, technology disbursal, disposal disbursal, depreciation cost and selling disbursal adds to the fixed cost of the vehicle. The sweeping cost of the vehicle was calculated by adding up the variable cost and fixed costs. The trader border of 34 % of the sweeping cost was added to acquire the concluding sum cost of the vehicle.

Paragraph 2. 12

The stuffs used and the related fabrication procedure in the construct differs from the conventional reduction weight and cost. The variable cost chiefly consists of the stuff cost while the fixed cost is chiefly constituted of the works installation cost and other long term investings. Each system was revised to come up with an approximative stuff cost incurred in its fabrication. The power train and the frame and organic structure contributed to around half of the cost. Each doing a part of 24 % the entire stuff cost. The wheels and Surs constitute for merely 9 % similar to the suspension system of 10 % . Since the suspension used is a conventional one and the entire figure of wheels is merely three the cost is reduced when compared to a conventional vehicle as the parts and country used is less. The brake system make up merely 4 % of the entire cost incurred. The remainder of the part of about around 30 % is made by the insides, accoutrements and the instruments associated along with its wirings and other tantrum and coating. The entire stuff cost merely of the whole vehicle along with the parts that are purchased come up to around 58 % of the entire cost projected for the construct. This cost come around USD $ 3800. This was so to be added up along with other variable costs and the fixed costs and eventually the trader border to do up the entire merchandising monetary value of the construct.

Paragraph 2. 13

Consecutive technology was the cardinal facet for the occupation profile of bing and fabricating applied scientist as it made it indispensable to interact with professors, station doctor’s degree research fellows, Ford employees and technicians invariably. The occupation helped me larn a batch about bing techniques and the fabrication processs for each constituent of a vehicle. Team work was the basis for the successful completion of the whole undertaking on clip. The undertaking study and the presentation were submitted to the university every bit good as the industry people.

Paragraph 2. 14


The undertaking called for high degree proficient technology cognition and enhanced my merchandise development accomplishments. The Model T2 of Deakin University won the first award for the Ford Model-T challenge. The wise pick of fabrication and bing techniques helped maintain the cost good below the set mark. The experience gained out of this undertaking has given me really utile apprehension in fabrication, piecing and bing techniques used in an automotive industry and challenged my technology cognition.

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