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Conservation vs perservation

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Conservation is maintaining our natural resources, such as wildlife, trees, earth, forests, and rivers. I do not think that things such trees should be cut down unless they are going to be replaced with new ones. The trees that are in the forest serve as homes for some animals and the leaves serve as their food. Preservation is the practice of overusing our natural resources.

I think the land that we have should be left untouched, so that we can have something left. We have to have somewhere left for the animals to have a small community among themselves. Man is encroaching on untamed land at such a rate that our natural resources are in danger of being depleted. I believe that we as humans should leave the forest alone for our use and let the entirety be left to the animals that have to be there. The forests are home to the wildlife, and the forests are their source of food.

When we cut the down the trees in the forest some of the animals are dying because they have no way of living. There should be other ways to come up with other resources to benefit our lifestyle. I agree mainly with conservation. I think that the natural resources should be left in its state of originality.

The Bridger-Teton National Forest, according to some people is just a good place to visit. This part of the country is like going back to beginning of the era when there was nothing there. The horses are still their main type of transportation and you can tell that there are no modern upgrades. It is weird to me that there are still bison that just roam freely and they are increasing daily. The Bridger-Teton National Forest should be left as it is.

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