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Computerized enrollment system argumentative essay

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Education and training is extended to its clientele. We provide a general education program that will promote national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity ND spiritual vigor. We train and develop professionals to become effective and efficient educational trainers and managers. To advance knowledge through continuous research work and updated training to improve the quality of human life and respond effectively in changing societal needs and condition.

B. Vision Cognizant of the vital role of the youth in nation building, LAMELY COLLEGES strives to render its share in the promotion of the physical, intellectual and social well being of the people. In pursuing this, we have instituted a liberal policy environment that will enable he students, teachers, tradesmen, and educational managers to give vent to their innate talent, creativity, and capacity for innovations in quest for academic excellence and to be in the forefront in Technical-vocational Education.

We are firmly committed to transform men and women into world-class workers that responds quickly and creatively to changing environments and markets. II. Statement of the Problem A. Problem Definition and Identification Nowadays, every people have been used of relying upon the modern technology for them to do their Jobs much easier and more rapidly in home, business and especially n school. It was pleasing to see such university and colleges offering the outmost of their facilities so as to serve their students better.

This modernized facilities and system enables the students to study and learn capably and efficiently and be an effective professional someday. Whatever they acquired in college will be their knowledge as they go on through their chosen careers. Providing such computerized system and facilities will really be of assistance to the student in such colleges/ universities. On the other hand, in this study the researchers are mainly concerned on the reposition of such computerized system.

To have the study particularly covered and limited, the researcher aims to conduct this system in its primary setting, the school. Hereby, are the comparison of the manual or the existing system and the propose system. To enumerate the problems area that must be solved through this kind of system is also included so as the cause and effects, and advantages and disadvantages. Ill. Objective of the Study The purpose of this study primarily centers in the improvement of the whole enrollment processes in Lamely Colleges.

To investigate how the kind of enrollment system affects the student. To enumerate the problem areas that should be changed in the existing system. To attest the need of a computerized system. To implement a system that will reinstate The manual enrollment system by putting in Operation the computerized approach. To identify the possible effects of the computerized system to the students. ‘ V. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study is mainly concerned in establishing a system that will provide better services to the student in the enrollment processes.

This focuses in the improvement f the manual system and implementing the use of computer in the system. The investigated problem areas will be solved through the performance of this system. Through these computerized system the enrollment processes will be positively faster and easier both for the enrollment facilitators, registrars and students. There will be much convenience in the part of the student because they will save much time and effort.

The queue of students on line waiting for their turn will be lessened as the system provides much acquisition and handling of the students’ information ND other enrollment procedures will be more manageable. The computerized enrollment system covers the encoding of the students’ information as well as the list of the subjects the student should enroll, the schedule and the payment assessment- these compiled in a hard copy of a registration form.

These features afford the convenience of each of the affected subjects of this system, the student and the college itself. V. SCOPE AND LIMITATION A. Scope This study is conducted by the researchers within the campus or building of the Lamely Colleges with the approval of their professor Mr.. Deli Athenian. They conduct and gathered their information based from the given guidelines of their professor and they presented the gathered data without any kind or form of bias for the both parties of the institution and at the same time on the part of the students.

The scope of this study is mainly concerned with the kind of enrollment system does the Lamely Colleges have. This study focuses on the views and opinion of the students regarding to the enrolment system of the Lamely Colleges, to improve and get along with other Universities and Colleges that have a computerized enrollment system and to help he management and as well as the students of Lamely Colleges during the enrollment system to have its better and easier way of enrolling.

The researchers gathered data and was guided with their professor ( Mr.. Deli Athenian ) and this study is bounded with the confidentiality of the gathered information so that there will be no bias and unfavorable decisions for the both parties of institution and as well as the students. Thus, the researcher still know their limitations of conducting this study for being fair to the management of the institution and on the students.

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