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Communication in economics

Being an economist after bearing in mind the opinion of opposition and proponents, my point of view is that the decision for accepting or rejecting the proposal should be taken by keeping these two points in view:
Firstly, If the proposal from the investors, to build two more housing developments, is accepted, then naturally the size of county will increase and it may be transformed to large scale from small scale. But small scale organization has positive advantages over large scale organization e. g. in terms of taking care of customers in order to retain their loyalty and administrating other business matters. And in the case of county, residents will only pay fund if they are, loyal to, or satisfied with the performance of county administration.
Some of the advantages of a small sized county are are:
1. Easy Caretaking
County administration can easily take care of the needs of county residents; as a result residents remain loyal and do not think about migrating from there.
2. Always getting in touch with the residents
In the case of small number of county’s residents, the county administration can have close contact with them. It can address to there problems carefully and can redress them if it thinks them legal. Due to better understanding between a resident and administration the chance of resident’s disloyalty and disappointment are reduced.
3. Adaptability to changes
Another advantage is that county administration can more easily deal with a problem than in the case of a large sized county. For example if a problem of water occurs in county, a small sized county can better deal with this problem due to its small size than a large county.
Secondly, as the county’s population increases another question about providing amenities like water, security, gas etc. is also raised that is, will the county administration be able to provide these services to the residents in return of taxes e. g. property tax, paid by the residents. In this case if the size of county increases it will be very difficult for county administration to fairly administrate the system of taxation.
The advantages of small sized county discussed above provide a simple conclusion of the problem that is Santa Cruz County should not permit the investors to build two housing developments because:
1. This act would increase the population or size of county and it would be very difficult for the county board to administrate such a large county for 65, 000 residents.
2. If the proposal is accepted then how county board will provide necessary services e. g. water etc., in return of taxes and funds paid by residents. As county already lacks sufficient water to support such a population increase. In this situation, how it would be possible for county board to raise sufficient funds for wanted projects.
So according to my opinion it will not be adequate to permit the investors unless the county board becomes able to manage such a population change in a well-organized manner. Or on the other hand if county board still wants to permit investor for fund raising for their planned projects, then, at the least, board should permit investors to build only one housing development so that the county’s population may not increase as much as situation may get out of control. Because it will not be as much problematic for county board to administrate a county for almost 45000 residents, as it will be problematic in the case of 65000 residents.
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