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Blue Wall of Silence and Police Brutality Response to Greg McGee A concur with you about the importance of writing as a group to maintain peoples trust in the police department ; however, the extent through which this privilege should be exercised must have definite scope such that the department does not end up violating the law and order that it is mandated to uphold. This can only be mitigated if officers make individual reports.
On the issue of a subculture in the department, I concur with you. This is because co-workers are in the best position to retaliate or take harmful actions against a colleague who is deemed a dissident (Conway & Walsh 2010). This is done in the guise of the blue wall of silence that discourages brave officers from exposing scandal that damage police reputation.
On the issue of Air Drop, I disagree with your argument. It is not practical for an officer dealing with die hard criminal to extract information peacefully. Moreover, a junior officer cannot stop an officer with a higher rank as insinuated. Even in countries with high rating on human rights, police brutality is still practiced. In one way or the other it helps the community from greater harm.
Response to Deborah Bradley
A report should be about the real occurrence and not a stage-managed happening. It takes a selfless officer to overturn the wish of the majority and come out with his or her morals and ethics held high. I disagree that writing biased group report as a unit is a good bet to the people who are supposed to be protected by the police. however, concur with the argument that officers who are seen as rats have hard time in coping with ‘ rogue’ officers to an extent of instilling physical harm or even death.
I also agree on the fact that the blue wall of silence has strong influence on the outspokenness of police officers. No police officer would be willing to expose a unit and serve in the same unit. Mostly, officers resign after exposing major scandals for fear of their lives. This leaves officers with moral senses in an awkward position of indifference between morals and common practice.
It is extremely difficult to extract information from a hard core criminal who know his rights. It is also lawful to respect the rights of apprehended persons. However, I agree that it is wise for an officer to remain neutral in case of such actions since the actions can be punished individually. Agreeing with the lieutenant would just cause more damage and suffering to the suspect.
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Chapman, R., & ebrary, Inc. (2010). Culture wars: An encyclopedia of issues, viewpoints, and voices. Armonk, N. Y: M. E. Sharpe.

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