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Chinese culture

Chinese Culture Due NORTH VS. SOUTH CHINA The North and South China are defined regions by the perception of Chinese natives. Geographically, Huai River and Qinling Mountains separate the two regions from each other but is still an ambiguous matter. The conceptual differences date back to 1142 in terms of climate, politics, geography, culture, and physical traits. Northern natives follow the Mongol ancestry whereas Southern are more aligned with the Thai or Taiwanese origins.
The climate view highlights the cold and dry nature of North China which contains flat plains, grasslands and desert whereas mountainous Southern region is warm and rainy. From the perspective of warfare, the Northern China favored horse troops while on the other hand, South China land favored naval force for battles due to their landscape. The residents of Modern China have been exposed to multiple clans, tribes and countries which have assisted them in evolving culturally, attitudinally and linguistically.
Stereotypes have prominently come into existence due to this perceptual dissimilarity; out of which most dominant is appearance of the inhabitants. Northern are categorized as taller, loud, warm-hearted, loyal, open, energetic, expressive, fairer, with small eyes, longer rugged face with a Mandarin dialect and wheat based diet. These attributes can lead to a direction which supports the leadership and heroic charisma of Northerners. Whereas, a southerner is labeled quite distinctly as shorter, darker, clever, cultured, wealthy, artistic, large eyed, round face with a southern dialect and rice based diet. So, Southerners are considered as shrewd, industrious, scholarly yet cunning; entrepreneurial and artistic lifestyle is preferred by such people. Moreover, in terms of agricultural priorities, North harvests apples, melons, peaches, corn, and root-based vegetables; howeverSouth cultivates tropical fruits and leafy vegetables for instance mangoes, bananas, coconuts, tomatoes, and taro roots.
China is subject to dramatic diversity in terms of geographical presence and divided into two regions: China Proper and Outer China. China Proper is the most urban and densely populated region which drives the economic and industrial growth for the Chinese economy. According to the Countries and culture encyclopedia, Huang He Chinese culture dominates the region. The alluvial soil, moderate temperature and sufficient river water make the region a basic source of agriculture which has been the driver of Chinese economic growth since earlier times. The sub regions in China Proper add to its significance because of their agricultural, geographical and economic performance. The flat North China with soil replenished by silt carried down by the river is suitable for cultivation of staple crops like wheat, corn and sorghum. South China, on the other hand, is more warm, hilly and humid and is concentrated by river so rice is the main crop.
On the other hand, Outer China constitutes Mongolia, Tibet, Manchuria and Xinjiang. It is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual zone. The land is full of mountains and desert plains which makes it suitable for raising cattle. The biggest challenge is that of transportation and communication. The extreme dry weather adds to the challenge. The external ethnic groups residing here have a different way of living than those living in China Proper. This becomes apparent in their clothing and language which are the symbol of social class and membership of the people to a specific culture. The diplomatic strategy of China will be influenced by the collaboration of resources of both zones. The technological and industrial progressions done in the urban cities can act as an additional source of protection and defense of Chinese economy from external threats.
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