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Children and iq testing

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Case Study
Testing anxiety refers to a blend of physiological stimulation and worry about a particular task to be evaluated. It may originate from physical, cognitive or emotional symptoms which include panicking or sweating. Teachers can assist students overcome these challenges by guiding them during preparation, that is making sure they get prepared early enough, organized, reflective exercise and relaxed before undertaking any test. They should also advice such students to have enough bed rest more so the nights before tests (Rosenberg et al., 2007, p. 23). Finally, the student’s parents can take their children to counseling centers for counseling on how boost their levels of confidence.
When developing children’s cognitive and physical features are very challenging tasks. Their learning abilities depend on the teachers’ influence, environment and individual interests. Therefore, it is vital for teachers to identify their students’ strengths and put more emphasis on their weak areas. In cases where some students perform well than others, it is the duty of teachers to arrange for private tutorials for weak students. This motivates them greatly and helps them in clarifying the areas they did not understand in class.
In my view, these gifted students should not be placed in special schools rather be mixed. That way, they can use their skills to help the weak ones realize their goals (Rosenberg et al., 2007, p. 415). In addition, gifted students have a high degree of empathy for other students. Therefore, through this they can assist their fellow students in conducting their assignments and meeting the teachers’ objectives.
Finally, most public schools have not been able to meet the needs of extremely gifted students. This is because they lack adequate learning resources to nurture students of such behavior. Therefore, more funds should be channeled to public schools so that gifted students can realize their full potential.
Rosenberg S. M., Westling L. D. & McLeskey J. (2007). Special Education for Today’s Teachers: An Introduction. New Jersey, Prentice Hall.

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