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I have been involved in identifying hazards in my setting, such as in the water play area, the children accidently spilling water on the floor from splashing the water out of the water bowl whilst playing with the fishing set. Also from trying to experiment with pouring and filling their cups at snack time. Therefore, because this happened I proceeded to use in initiative and clean up the spillage on the floor with a mop.

The procedure I had took in this situation was that I asked the children to step away from the puddle on the floor and I informed one other staff about what I had seen and asked if they can keep an eye on children while I went to go and get a mop or a towel to clean up the spilt area. I then went to collect the appropriate facilities and clean up the wet area so the children would not slip over and hurt themselves.

I then informed a member of staff a child had got wet so they changed the clothes of a child, as they was wet from playing in the water and it then I put a dry towel on the floor so if there is another spillage, the towel will keep it fairly dry. It is important to understand the different policy’s that provide a healthy and safe environment for staff and children. When I have identified the hazard I will have to clean it up straight away.

This is so the children do not fall over and injure them self, also that no members of staff including myself fall over and injure ourselves. It mentions in the health and safety policies that when there is a spillage on the floor you must clear the area and mop up the spillage. I now know how to follow the settings policies and procedure as I have a copy of them at home therefore I can keep looking through them and making sure I am following the rules.

If this was to happen again I would act quicker in dealing with the situation because I noticed while I was cleaning another child was pouring water into their cup and almost spilled it. I should be a lot more alert and quicker next time and also make sure there is more than one member of staff supervising the children when faced with hazards or there could be an accident which could have been prevented.

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