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Charles darwin

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Charles Darwin Have you ever heard that we evolved from monkeys? I have. It is called the theory of evolution. The scientist behind this theory is Charles Darwin. Darwin is the first of many evolutionary biologists, and this is his story. Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Charles’ father, who was a doctor, wanted him to be a doctor. Charles’ mother, Susannah, died when Charles was 8. Shortly after the death of his mother, Darwin was sent away to boarding school. Seven years later, Charles’ father took him out of school due to having bad grades and no direction in life. For two years, Charles attended Edinburgh. When he decided he didn’t want to go to medical school anymore, he transferred to Cambridge. Cambridge is a Christian c college. He attended it for three years. While attending Cambridge, Charles found a mentor in a young professor, John Henslow. Henslow introduced Darwin to Professor Adam Sedgwick, a professor of Geology at Cambridge. He invited Charles to his lectures and on trips with him. Charles was addicted to geology within a week of his first trip with Professor Sedgwick. Charles was invited aboard the HMS Beagle for a five year scientific expedition. He accepted the offer. Darwin’s role on the voyage was to keep Captain Robert FitzRoy company. FitzRoy showed favoritism toward Darwin even though they argued every now and then. They remained friends during the voyage and years after. They were friends until FitzRoy had a feeling that Charles didn’t give him enough credit for the expedition. During the expedition, Charles provided himself with enough evidence to make a conclusion. All of his evidence supports that everything on Earth has evolved. Life started out small and slow. Our current state of existence is a result of some process working upon natural materials throughout a period of millions and millions of years. This is called the theory of evolution. Charles married Emma Wedgwood. Together they had children. Charles worried that his children’s health would be bad like his. On the voyage, he was bit by a poisonous insect. This may have been the cause for a chronic illness he later developed. He might have had an ulcer, gall-bladder disease, or diverticulitis. Charles spent the rest of his life fretting over his health. Charles died April 18, 1882, at the age of 73. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Even though Christians dispute his theory, his opinion is respected by most. Most people remember him as a great scientist. That is the story of Charles Darwin.

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