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Chabner chapter 10

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cerebellarpertaining to the cerebellumcerebrospinal fluidsurrounding the brain and spinal cord ONCHABNER CHAPTER 10 SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Nowcerebral cortexouter region of the cerebrumsubdural hematomacollection of blood located above the dura matterencephalitisinflammation of the brainencephalopathydisease of the brainanencephalycondition of no brainglioblastomahighly malignant tumor of the glial cells in the brainleptomeningealpertaining to the pia and anachnoidmeningealpertaining to the meningesmeningiomabenign tumor of the meningesmyelomeningocelehernia of spinal cord and the meningesmyoneuralpertaining to muscle and nervemyelogramx-ray record of the spinal cordpoliomyelitisinflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cordneuropathydisease of the nervescerebellopontinepertaining to the cerebellum and ponsradiculopathydisease of the spinal cord rootradiculitisinflammation of the spinal nerve rootthalamicpertaining to the thalamusintrathecal injectionmedication in the subarachnoid space / sheathvagalpertaining to the vagus nerveanalgesiaabsence of excessive sensitivity to painhypalgesiadiminished escessive sensitivity to painneuralgianerve paincephalgiahead pain; headachecausalgiaburning sensation to paincomatosepertaining to a comaanesthesialack of feeling or no nervous sensation; condition of no nervous sensatonhyperesthesiaexcessive sensitivity or feeling to painparesthesiaabnormal nervous sensation occuring without apparent causebradykinesiaslow movementhyperkinesisexcessive movementdyskinesiaimpairment of the ability to perform voluntary spasmodic movementsakineticpertaining to loss or absence of voluntary movement; without movementepilepsychronic brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizure activitynarcolepsysudden uncontrollable compulsion seizures of sleepdyslexiadisorder and difficulty in reading, writing, and learninghemiparesisslight paralysis of the right or left half of the bodyaphasiainability to speakhemiplegiaparalysis of the right or left half of the bodyparaplegiaparalysis of the lower part of the body and both legsquadriplegiaparalysis of all four limbsapraxiainability to carry out movements and behavior are not purposefulneurasthenialack of strength in nervessyncopalpertaining to (fainting) syncopeataxiapertaining to no muscular coordination

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