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CCEI1220P4 Activity According to my observations, Jacob needs to be assisted to improve his cognitive, emotional and communication skills. He made five movements to push himself up to reach Mary’s extended arms. He also made five movements while sitting on Mary’s supported arms. The child made six movements to reach dangling objects that were in front of him, but did not make any effect to look for a toy beyond his tracking range. Jacob did not also make an effort to find partially hidden objects, for instance, when Mary placed the rattle under a pillow, Jacob looked around and then he began to cry. This was a cognitive test, which Jacob failed. He never made any effort to think and search where the rattle was hidden, but instead he chose to cry. It was also an emotional test for Jacob to look for toys beyond his tracking area, which he also failed. As a baby, we would expect things to come easy for him, but he should have also endeavoured to find the toys at least.
Activity 2
Based on the findings I made in activity 1, some of the actions that I will take when planning activities for Jacob are enhancing the classroom to ease movements, improve the kinds of toys that Jacob plays with and also establish games that could improve the cognitive development of Jacob. When enhancing the classroom, I will install things such as maps or directions on the floor to indicate where I have hidden the objects to make it easier for Jacob to find them. I will also introduce Jacob to toys such as building blocks. Cognitive games such as stacking blocks or emptying and filling objects can enhance motor learning, spatial awareness and effect, as well as cause. Through such games, infants, such a Jacob, can learn to be deliberate with their movement actions. Finally, I will incorporate games such as hide-and-seek, which can help Jacob learn analytic skills. I will ask Jacob to hide something in the trashcan or in another site away from where they are and ask other students to find it. Also, this can teach language, as well as direction-following skills.
Activity 3
Writing summaries of narratives is perhaps the most flexible ways or techniques of presenting a story. Summaries of narratives do not essentially tie the teacher down to chronological order, the way dramatisation and dialog do, nor do they need a focus on one specific feature of the tale, as descriptions normally do. This makes summaries of narratives one of the most prominent tools in an author’s toolbox, as well as one of the trickiest. Narrative summaries aid in coming up action plans in that they dictate the important bits of a narrative are indicated in the summary. The vital bits of the action plan are indicated in the summary, and; therefore, it will be much easier to complete the action plan. It is also important to tailor lesson plans according to individual needs of students because children are different when it comes to learning. Therefore, tailored lessons, according to the student’s needs, will make it easier for the student to learn.

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