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Causes of divorce on the family

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A divorce is where a husband and wife end their marital union by cancelling the lawful duties and tasks of marriage and dissolving the union they have for each other. It can also be described as where a husband and wife do not want to live together as a married couple, so they agree to sign legal documents so that they can be divorced. This makes them to be single while they sign these legal papers they became single, and they have a right to get married to other people if they want.

Husbands and wives divorce because of not agreeing on some issues, and they conclude that they can no longer live with each other, so they agree to divorce. I am going to discuss on what lead to divorces on families. Here, I will discuss on what actually make the husband and wife to see that they can no longer live together, and comes to an agreement of signing the divorce papers so that they can no longer be connected to each other. However, divorce differs significantly around the world, but the court or any other authority has to come in for legal process. This lawful process of divorce allows the wealth to be distributed equally, child custody and support, and even the spouse to be supported.

They even have the right to marry another person. There so many causes of divorce on the family and we are going to look at these causes, and some examples or personally experiences. There so many marriage breakdown nowadays, and these has lead to the attention nationally, and so many people are asking questions why do marriages break down? Why do married couples divorce? In addition, how can we prevent it? Married people divorce due to certain reasons that either of the partner or both partners see that they cannot take it anymore, and each of them nee some space. These can be caused by so many reasons, and they include; lack of communication is the key cause of divorce in many families. Here, the husband and wife do not come to a appropriate conclusion on what should be completed in the family or one does what he or she want to do without consulting the other partner.

If it is the husband who does not consult the wife and does things on his own, the wife feels like she has no say on what should be done and does not have the authority of doing something. Only the husband who can do it, here the wife sees that she is not respected, and she is being taken like a kid, and this might most probably lead to a divorce because the wife feels inferior in marriage and cannot be given the opportunity to suggest or do what she sees is right. She may see that she cannot stand it anymore, and asks for a divorce. Infidelity is the other main cause of many divorces we have today. Here is where either the husband or the wife cheats on his or her partner but in most cases men are the most affected. Here either of the partners betrays what he or she has with the partner and gets someone else outside marriage.

Infidelity can be caused by the husband having an affair with someone else out there due to either the wife is not satisfying his needs, and he sees that he can get it from outside. In some cases, women are the causes of infidelity in marriages. They are become so busy with other things, and they have no time for their husbands where the husband needs the attention of his wife, care, and love. The husband gets to a point and feels that he needs someone who will be caring and gives the attention so he decides to cheat on his wife. If the wife finds out, and feels she cannot stand it, she asks for a divorce. Gender equality iis today leading to so many divorce cases.

Not like before where the man was the main source of income of the family, and the woman had to stay in the house and do the household work, and depend everything on her husband. Today the world has changed, and what a man does, a woman can do it. There before a woman could not divorce her husband because she entirely depended on her. However, the world of today has changed, and the woman can work outside to earn her own money. The husband can as well help in some household work like, cleaning, cooking, washing, and taking care of the children. This shows that women are independent from earning their own money, and so they can take care of themselves and support their kids if they have, and support their living cost.

Abusive behavior such as use of alcohol and drug abuse can be a cause of divorce to family. Here, the man might be taking excessive alcohol or he might be a drug buff, and he does not take care of the family. The woman might be so stressed up that he has a husband who does not take care of his family and sees there is no need of staying together, and this leads to a divorce. There are other behaviors like the husband beats his wife, one partner might be immature, and one has a mental illness which may lead to a divorce. In conclusion, a divorce should be prevented in the family because a family is one the extremely crucial parts of the community.

Married couples should be aware of the meaning of relationship in the family. Divorce has become a considerable problem because of the reasons we have discussed above, and divorce has become a good reason to the problem. On the other hand, some couples who have children should think deliberately before ending their marriages what will be the effect to their children.

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