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Case study on zara

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ZaraCase Study:

Zarais a Spanish company which designs and sells clothes all over the world. The creator and owner of the company Amancio Ortega also owns such world famous brands like Pull and Bear, Stradivarius and Bershka. The headquarters of the company are located in Spain and the company exists from 1975. Zara differs from the other clothing and accessories companies greatly due to its unique way of work. It is said that the company requires no more than two weeks to create new models of clothes starting from its design and finishing with the production and delivery into the store.

In comparison with other companies, which require for this process more than half a year, Zara is the complete leader in the speed of its designers’ work. The company produces more than 10000 brand new designs of clothes every year. Zara’s clothes is produced in the countries which ask little for their work, so the production is very cheap and the company gains high profit every year. Moreover, Zara does not invest money into self advertising but invests it into new and new stores all over the world. Zara is one of the companies which design, produce and sell their clothes, what makes it independent and awards high the highest profit.

Then, its clothes are produced mostly in Spain and only a small part in other countries of the world, in Asia and Africa, what makes their quality quite high for such a price. Zara is a well-known clothes brand which is quite popular all over the world. The company creates clothes for men, women and children and its prices are quite convenient for everybody. Students who are asked to prepare a case study which investigates the success of Zara will need to research the history of the company and methods of its production scrupulously. One can read periodicals and critical articles about the company in the Internet or just visit any store and try to interview one of its managers to collect the reliable data for the research.

A good cases study should be interesting and answer the key questions required for the investigation. It is important to find the reason of the case and its effect on the work of the company and only then the paper will be considered a successful one. Writing a case study one should not rely only on his own brains, but on a good free example case study on Zara fashion in order to collect more data for the successful research. Moreover, a well-organized free sample case study on Zara fast fashion will teach students to construct logical structures of their papers and show them the ways of the professional analysis of the topic.

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