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Case study of tommy hilfiger

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Tommy Hilfiger American fashion brands dominate the pack, personality rather than obvious, simple but not trivial, the United States each year from Tommy Hilfiger company Hollywood Group buy at least 400 million U. S. dollars of clothing to wear as a movie actor, showing the status of this extraordinary Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy once played, such as the European royal family, the young aristocrat’s passion for the brand! Bring simple Tommy is infinite taste and content!

Tommy Hilfiger casual wear and sportswear like to be inspired, to be improved, adding a checkered shirt, jeans and so on, trying to create a sense of leisure resort feel the need for sunlight help, so Tommy Hilfiger clothes rich atmosphere of the sun, never no shade of dark, see fair share is comfortable

In recent years, Tommy Hilfiger is whether the United States is the most popular fashion designer dress up for Hip-Hop’s young wide sleeve gown large or handsome middle class, are like to buy 12 to wear Tommy Hilfiger. Their clothes look is very simple and clear use of color, with Sven’s clothing solemn self-energy, accompanied by light but also eye-catching dress, this Tommy Hilfiger has created the possibility of a great match.

Since 1985 started with men’s design since the Tommy Hilfiger brand, product type increase, in addition to apparel, accessories, but also including shoes, perfume, and bedroom and other supplies. It is in the world of specialized shops and major department store counters as many as 163. Its unique taste and life style design makes the brand a huge tide of life market, the top of the crane stand position. Young, sexy and true; is the pursuit of modern youth, highlighting the personality, and stress free style of contemporary people; many of these styles is what the essence of American Apparel. So Tommy Hilfiger a highly representative, the name of the design helm of the name of the classic American clothing brand. The red and blue logo, to emphasize respect for freedom of the spirit of fashion, clothing design became the main color, with a young American casual style.

Born in New York in 1951, Tommy wanted to be an athlete since childhood, but short stature, made him unable to do so. In high school, Tommy did not enter university. 18 years old, in 1969, he opened his first boutique with $150 only, called “ People’s Place”. From the start, the

shop had 20 pair of jeans only. But after only six years, “ People’s Place” has been expanded to seven branches. During years, Tommy design clothes in the name of Jacob Alan, and yard sale in their stores. The success of young talents an agile mind, and fall fast. In 1976, Tommy fall into bankruptcy. Fortunately, this drop did not smash his fighting spirit. Tommy then to Jordache as fashion design work, and accumulated considerable experience, he re-established in 1978, his company, and in 1984 published the first name in its own fashion line. Tommy Hilfiger have not formed the first of its unique style, until 1985, Tommy Hilfiger was introduced truly their own fashion brand. Brand name on his own name, Tommy Hilfiger brand advocate of natural, simple fashion, and design concept permeates the dynamic vitality of youth, and the United States is very harmonious style features, by the love of the young generation of Americans, with spend three million dollars in campaign, so Tommy is widely recognized fashion, quickly occupied the U. S. fashion market. Straight up performance, making Tommy Hilfiger soon and Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and other big rival. Tommy Hilfiger brand as strong, American, and the logo is very similar with the American flag, making the brand in the U. S. public, and establish a good image. Become a new favorite fashion people search. Career heights throughout the late eighties, Tommy Hilfiger this brand endeavors. In 1992, the company became more popular in the United States. Tommy used to raise funds to expand the business to open hundreds of stores. In the nineties, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren are seen as the brand with the general style: the same to target is the middle class white customers, use the same brand casual style of the middle class. However, since the nineties, many rappers (rapper), such as Snoop Doggy Dog, etc. do not fit dress became popular (Over-sized) of Tommy Hilfiger underwear. This accident has opened up for Tommy Hilfiger young people and black market, so that rapid growth in sales of Tommy Hilfiger. So, Tommy gradually more wide-body design, lightweight clothing, and clients to meet the new aspirations of street fashion. In 1995, Tommy Hilfiger ‘ s fashion talent finally accepted by many, the highest honor the U. S. fashion industry as “ Council of Fashion Designers of America” the best men’s designer of the year. Honor, position, and naturally win the continued expansion of the brand. Therefore, Tommy Hilfiger additional Tommy Jeans, Tommy Sport and other auxiliary line, the more different age groups of customers can enjoy the fun of wearing Tommy Hilfiger . Tommy, in summer of 2003 with the theme of leisure, showed one group of both solid and easy to wear casual holiday mood, giving a leisurely away from the city itself. Men’s season launch to summer beach resort style of design inspiration. Simple elegance of the shirts, this season’s V-Neck T shirt popular or wide version of pumping their pants with Hawaiian-style print shirt, Tommy has demonstrated a rare fresh style. His accessories, launched from the colorful clothing and his beach sandals, also showed Tommy’s elegant texture. Now, Tommy Hilfiger’s products have not only limited to apparel, it also opened up the socks, belts, ties, dress shirts, business suits, watches, glasses and shoes and other multi-polar products in the market, have made to good results. In the past two years, Tommy Hilfiger also introduced and Tommy Boy Tommy Girl perfume series, very popular fashion people of all ages.

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