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Case study management virtual organisations marketing essay


The requirement of this task is to select three multinational those are working in and multi cultural countries. In this task also analyse and investigate the structure of the identified companies. In this task we have to discuss the cultural understanding of the companies and analyse that how they are working in different cultural and how they develop their relations in different countries.

As per necessity of this task I have chosen the following three organizations.





Introduction of Toyota:-

Toyota is the company which is manufacturing the cars and so many other luxury vehicles in different countries. Toyota designed its vehicle model as per the requirement of the country and according to their cultural. Toyota always keen to produce demanding cars and vehicles which touch the heart of people. Toyota is working in the different countries and design its models for the people of those countries. Toyota is investing big amount in making the thought of cars to try out new thoughts prior to they go into creation. Toyota designed its models as per the desire of customers.


Toyota was introduced its first model G Automatic Loom in 1924 by Sakichi Toyoda. After that in 1929 Automatic Loom rights were sold to a British company. In 1930 Kiichiro Toyoda began the research on the gasoline powered engine and started production. In 1935 the Toyoda compiled it and in 1936 AA Sedan model was completed.

In 1937 Toyota Motor was launched and in 1938 it starts its productions. In 1950 Toyota face some crises and then another small company emerged from the Toyota named, Toyota Motor Sales Co. Ltd.

In 1974 Toyota Foundation was launched and in 1975 Toyota was established a housing business. IN 1982 Toyota Motor and Toyota Motor sales were merged and a new company was established with the name of Toyota Corporations.

Toyota was introduce The Lexus in 1989 and launched in the USA in 1992 under the trade mark of Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.

In 1997 The Prius was launched hybrid car and in 1999 increasing home production reaches 100 million vehicles.

In 2010 Toyota Introducing new Hybrid Lexus across the world which is having more reliability, smoothness and luxurious in it.

Toyota Cultural Understanding:-

In Toyota, Cultural understanding means to gives you the apparatus you require to:

Discover capable, talented, and enthusiastic employees

Start guidance and socialization of people

Launch and exchange a few words the key business routine indicator

Educate the people to rectify the problems and always get better progress.

In Toyota build up influential people who live and teach

Recompense good performers and propose to help the struggling persons.

In Toyota, culture is the main element in its achievement as the worldwide leader in operational distinction.

They can construct a culture of nonstop upgrading by:

Grabbing, increasing, and attracting extraordinary people

Heartening the problems and solving them

Construction organization answerable to staff

Exciting your people to be dedicated to the organization, family, and society

Company Profile:-

Name of Company: Toyota Motor Corporations

President of the company: Akio Toyoda

Company Address:-

Main Office: 1 Toyota Cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture 471-8571, Japan

Phone: (0565) 28-2121

Founded in: 28th , Augus1937

Capital: 397. 05 billion yen as per the annual fiscal report of the company of in 31st March, 2010.

Employees (Total in associated companies) : 320, 590

Mission and Values:-

Every employee of the Toyota is likely to know and be relevant a set of general values. The Toyota is in itself takes new meanings and an innovative thought. So, this is next to with Toyota Mission Statement, form the core values of Toyota Material Handling.

Our Mission:-

To be the first choice of customers and would be the trust worthy and reliable company in the market. We want to recognized as innovative and different company which respect the requirement of the public and may meet the demand its customers.

We make the good relationship with completing their demand and try to give them their choice in affordable and good price which becomes the cause to happy them.

2. Intel

Introduction of Intel:-

Intel is the company who holds almost 80% microprocessors share which are using in the desktop, Laptop and notebook computers. Intel processors are also using in huge and also computer servers and it is producing no. 1 semiconductors. Intel also develop fixed semiconductors for the electronic industry and in motor vehicle markets. About two-thirds of Intel’s revenues is generating in Asia/Pacific region.

History of Intel:-

In the world Intel Corporation is producing semiconductor and it is the largest company in the world in manufacturer the semiconductors. It is based in different countries of the world, it has manufacturing plant in America, Europe, China, Taiwan and some other countries in Asia.

In 1968 Robert Noyc and Gordon More made a company with the name of N M Electronics, and after some while it was change into Intel Corporation. In 1970 Intel was made DRAM and dynamic Random access Memory (RAM). In 1971 Intel was launched microprocessor which give them fame. In 1974 Intel was introduce world’s first general purpose microprocessor. IN 1980 IBM has chosen the microprocessor for the home computer and in 1983 Intel generates more than $ 1 million revenue.

In 1993 Intel introduce The fifth generation processor which called, the Pentium. In 1996 Intel get $ 25 billion revenue and in 1997 Intel launches Pentium II processor and with the passage of time it comes more forward and introducing the Pentium III, IV and V in different span of time. Now Intel is introducing Dual Core technology which is more power full than Pentium.

Culture understanding of Intel:-

In Intel its staff members can follow their dedications, their vision take step to change the world by their intellectually.

In Intel Corporation employees can change the thing by cultural steps and social activities, and interacting with the employee groups. Intel is also giving the opportunity to its employees to achieve their goals and objective by using the Intel plate form which distinguished it with other companies. Intel is also respect every one of its employees and respect their cultural. So, this is the main reason that Intel is having world’s best engineers in the field of computing.

Learning and Understanding chances includes:

Intel is introducing more than 7000 professional courses through which everyone can get benefits.

Intel also introducing Language courses for its employees

In Intel there is training of Cross-cultural for its employees

There is also a group working in the Intel which encourage its employees to take part in different types of functions and cultural activities. Which can refresh the mind of there employees and help to work more efficiently. Some groups are working with different names like Intel Latno group, American native group, College Graduate group and so many other groups are working for the support of each other and to understand the cultural values of other.

Company Profile:-

Fiscal Report of Intel:

Fiscal Year End in December, and it has $ 35127 million revenue according to financial report of December, 2009, Its annual revenue growth is -6. 60 %. It has 79, 800 employees across the world and the annual employees growth is -4. 90 %.

Hierarchy Of Management in Intel:-

-The Chairman of Intel is : Jane E. Shaw

-The President and the managing director of Intel is: Paul S. Otellini

-Vice President of Intel Capital is: Curt J. Nichols

Competitors analysis:-

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TII)

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

Intel Vision, Mission, and Values:-

Intel, is the world’s largest company in producing semiconductors and microprocessors innovation, it makes new technology and new products, and take steps to know that how people are living and working together. Intel was founded in 1968 and starts producing semiconductors and in 1971 Intel introduced microprocessors first time in the world.

Intel’s Mission:-

Make our customers satisfy and happy and give them trust worthy and reliable product. Also give them the innovative technology with the time by time. And make their lives more easy and luxury.


Satisfaction of customers

Taking Risk

A good atmosphere for the work

Trust worthy facilities

Rules & Regulation


Vision of Intel is very clear and a variety is in a way of life. Intel has the vision to give the opportunity to its customers to approach the innovative technology in very cheap and good price which make their lives very easy.


Expand the silicon technology lead in manufacturing

Distribute unsurpassed microprocessors

Develop prosperity internationally

Shine in consumer mind


Introduction of Pepsi Co:-

PepsiCo, Incorporated is the largest carbonated and non-carbonated beverages manufacturing company in the world. It has more than 15 brands which are producing under the flag of Pepsi co. These products are Mountain Dew, Copella, Sobe, Tropicana, 7Up, Marinda and some other products.

In UK Pepsi Co also owned a crisp product in 1988, and producing the crisp products with the name of Walker crisp and Pepsi co spread this crisps products in Asia with the name of Lays Crisp. Aquafina water is also product of Pepsi Co and it is producing in the Pepsi Co plants.

In 2006 Indra Nooyi has been the chief executive of PepsiCo. During her management Pepsi Co concentrate on the quality food and give so many tastes in crisps but with the quality which boost the Pepsi co worldwide.

Pepsi Co is is launching its products in some of 200 countries and In 2010 the company occupied its two major bottlers, The Pepsi Bottling Group and PepsiAmericas.

In 1898 a Pharmacist starts Cola beverage under the name of Pepsi Cola. In 1928 a firm was established with the name of national Pepsi Cola Company and in 1931 the Pepsi Cola bankrupt and after that re gain the popularity and first time it gives the advertisement on the national radio in 1939.

After that in 1964 Pepsi introduce the Pepsi Diet and also holds the new brand Dew. In 1986 The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) chain aimed to purchase the rights of Pepsi Co and there was an agreement made between both companies that Pepsi Co will provide its soft drinks on every KFC franchise on cheap rate with quality and KFA bound to serve only Pepsi Co brands and drinks.

Cultural Understanding Of Pepsi Co:-

PepsiCo will carry on to construct a collection of pleasant and healthy foods and beverages and put in communities where PepsiCo function by partnering with confined farmers and social groups and creating products for local tastes.

Values, Vision and Mission Statement of Pepsi Co:-

Pepsi Co principles & thinking is a evidence of the socially and environmentally dependable company PepsiCo desire to be and they are providing the base for every business option we create.

Commitment of PepsiCo:-

Our commitment is to provide the healthy and quality beverage to our customers in very cheap and reasonable rates. We also commits that we will achieve the target and make our shareholders in big numbers. We will increase our strength and make our customers happy and healthy.

Pepsi Co Mission and the Vision Statement:-

Vision of PepsiCo:-

“ It is our liability is to frequently get better all aspects of the world in which we operate – atmosphere, economic, social, and creating a well set to morrow than today.”

Role of PepsiCo in the Community:-

PepsiCo aggressively come on front and take on the role of health policy and make the private partnership for the care and health policy of the common people living in the society. And help to prevent the people from the decreasing of the nutrition. PepsiCo also knows that we can easily achieve the nutrition target if we works with other organisation for the betterment of the community.








Task 2


What is management policy?

According to Peter Drucker who is the Guru of management, that management task is dual, marketing and innovations. The coordination of an organization is the activity of a project in agreement with convinced policies and in attainment of visibly explained goals and objectives.


Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

1. Toyota

1. Looking for synchronization among the people, society and worldwide atmosphere, and sustainable expansion of society during the industrialized.

From the time when it was founded, Toyota has constantly strive to contribute in the sustainable expansion of the society during the developed and condition of original and quality goods and services that lead the times.

Activities of Toyota:-

Environment: Toyota is conducting the awareness programs for the global warming and also reforestation programs for the awareness of the public about the global warming.

Traffic Security: Toyota also conducting the programs for the common man to aware them about the traffics security and safety and tell them that what measure should be taken before coming on the road.

Educational Programs: Toyota also designed the educational programs for the people to aware them about the rules and regulation of traffic and road while driving.

Arts and Culture: Toyota arrange the actions to sustain the arts and civilization with an importance on cultivation culture, and boost regional civilization.

Melodious Society: Toyota also conducts the programs to boost the self reliance and welfare of the people and persuade with its melodious programs on the thoughts of public.

Volunteer Activities of Toyota: Toyota is providing aid in the incident of natural disasters, and to assists the local and international NGOs to supports the a variety of behavior.

Bottom of Form


Recruitment policy in Toyota:

1. Toyota

Selection Process in Toyota:-

Toyota is using a procedure for selecting of its production team and that procedure is as under;

– Individual interviews

– Skill Tests

– Job Replication

– Reference and Location checks

These are the steps obtained by the Toyota management during the selection of its employees.

2. INTEL Recruitment & Selection policy:-

Application and selection:


Intel there are online application forms and you can apply if you think that you are capable and able to get the job in Intel. Intel management always welcome the new and young people to be the part of their company.

Conducting Interviews:-

Intel after completing the application procedure they call the applicant and take his/her interview and if they found him capable and able for the interest of the company they offer a job for the first 6month as provisional period and if he/she prove that they are capable for job then they make a contract for the permanent job and give them big incentives and salaries.

3. Recruitment Policy of Pepsi Co:-

In PepsiCo, we know that our employees are the strength of the company and they can play a leading role during the chasing of company’s goals and objectives. So, during the selection we choose the best persons those are very motivational, passionate and aggressive for achieving their targets.

Career in PepsiCo:-

In PepsiCo there are a very motivational and inspiring career opportunities through which an individual can make its dreams real.

Talent Hunt:-

In PepsiCo you can easily move forward and through your skills when you shows the growth and progress of your team and individual work. Company needs the good skill you have and drive these skills in achieving the company’s goals and objectives.

PepsiCo Promise :-

PepsiCo promise that they will continue the help of skilled people and invest to polish the new and skilled talent of the people. PepsiCo is also listening carefully on growing relate appointment and approval so that we continue our place as an employer of choice.

Task 3

‘ Implement sound management practice in a virtual organisation’


In this task author is suppose to research 2 organizations which operates in a ‘ virtual’ manner and to Identify and develop suitable areas which management of to look into when setting up a virtual organisation of Furniture Works and also produce a presentation advising management on a sound management practice in a virtual organisation that will helpful in implementing sound management practice in a virtual organisation.

Virtual Organizations:

A new organizational form:-

‘ Virtual organizations’ are those organisation those are doing business through the internet and make the business relationship with its customers without any distinction and these organizations are beyond boundaries of the countries. Virtual Organization has flexibility and you can do business through internet because it is an computer based business communications through which you can easily expand your business throughout the world.

Virtual Organizations:-

For this task I have selected 2 organizations which operate in virtual manner.

1. Amazon. com

2. NexTag, Inc.

1. Amazon. com


In Amazon. com, We consider that modernism has the control to change the world. As we struggle to turn into Earth’s most customer company, we regularly look for fresh customs to new on behalf of our diverse customers, persons who shop our inclusive websites, who sell on our platform, developers who use our communications to generate their businesses, and writer of the books, composition, pictures, games and other satisfied we sell from side to side our websites.

History of Amazon:-

In a world somewhere anybody can buy just about everything online, it can be hard to start and preserve a business promotion goods online. Media like books and movies and CDs are a general ware organism sell on the Internet. Over the last ten year, online stores have come and gone so habitually, many people ridicule at their beginning.

But Amazon. com is no like the company. It is one of the major Internet sellers of media in the world today, and has prolonged its selection to comprise outfits, attractiveness goods, house commodities, and thousands of other matter.

In 2001 Amazon was found the total worker of 1000, working with the Amazon management, and the Bezos work on idea and start sale of products through its employees online, which helps to make the profit and generate the revenue for the employees.

Values, Mission and Vision Statement:-

Amazon Values:-

We take decisions as a corporation, and as persons, based on our core values.

Customer Obsession: We start with the customer and work backwards.

Innovation: If you don’t listen to your customers you will fail. But if you only listen to your customers you will also fail.

Bias for Action: We live in a time of unheralded revolution and insurmountable opportunity–provided we make every minute count.

Ownership: Ownership matters when you’re building a great company. Owners think long-term, plead passionately for their projects and ideas, and are empowered to respectfully challenge decisions.

High Hiring Bar: When making a hiring decision we ask ourselves: “ Will I admire this person? Will I learn from this person? Is this person a superstar?”

Amazon’s Vision Statement:

“ Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can approach to locate and find out whatever thing they may want to purchase online.” Dead right, As long as it comes from Amazon”

Amazon’s Mission Statement:

“ To construct a position where people can come to discover and find out anything they may desire to purchase online”

2. NexTag, Inc.

Introduction of NexTag:-

NexTag is the top association shopping site for purchasing online products, fiscal services, tour, mobile phone , and some more important things. At the center of NexTag are proprietary technology enable customers to quickly evaluate prices and discover the ever best offers on thousands of goods and services, and this special thing make the NexTag the Search Engine for Purchasers and shoppers. Thousand of shoppers are purchasing hundereds of thing and items online by using their credit cards which make the NEX Tag very special and exclusive search engine where you can purchase and sale you product online, without investing any things. According to survey report more than 17 million people using Nex Tag in a month for the purchasing and selling of the products.


NexTag History and Milestones achieving by the NexTag:-

In 1999 NexTag was started its operation through internet and with the time it grow up a gaint company in the online trading corporations.

In April 2009 NexTag launches its new setup for the customers of Spain with the name of NexTag Spain (www. nextag. es).

Virtual Office:-

Virtual offices are beyond the places and limits of borders. It works on Mobile, Internet, Telecommunication services, it has also remote workers, it includes in video conferencing and remote work. Virtual offices means don’t have physical existence but it but exist and working efficiently. Virtual offices working very effectively and not only selling the products but also giving the help to its customers during the purchasing or selling the products online. Virtual offices giving them the online help assistance and also give the services for further information which they needs.

Setting up a Virtual Office for a Furniture Works:-

Virtual offices means that there is no physical structure but it exist in the field of internet. Virtual offices are working beyond the places and limits of borders. It works on Mobile, Internet, Telecommunication services, it has also remote workers, it includes in video conferencing and remote work.

So Furniture works can use the virtual offices and site for the selling of its brands throughout the world without, make some pictures of the products and tag them on the sites with the price. People will come on the virtual office and purchase the products of the Furniture works. So, furniture work has no need to get the office on rent and maintain it for the customers. Just pay a bit to the virtual office from the sale and earn more money through online.

Areas which management of Furniture Works needs to do into when setting up a virtual organisation


Step 1

Purchase any android or Blackberry Mobile with internet it will give you the access to your email account and wherever you are you can check your email by the service providing by your mobile network service provider.

Step 2

For creating new documents and browsing something extra than email you should purchase a laptop or note book which can be helpful for your browsing and you can easily access on your text documents, excel sheets and other material.

Step 3

In this step a virtual administration can works for you but in located in different locations and it can also assist you during the progress. But for this you should join a virtual office and get benefits after hiring the virtual assistance. Virtual administration always keen to help you in your problems, it responds through blogs, email and telephone calls. ing.

Basic needed Technology for the Virtual Office;-

The basic technology which is the requirement of the Virtual Office is as under;

Complete Computer set, with internet services, having antivirus program and also for this office you should have trained and it professionals for the maintaining of the site and updating it with the time to time.

Improvement in Technology :-

Some technology make revolution in the virtual office setup, these technologies are stated as under;


Online Banking

DNS cables and Modems

Optic Fiber cables

Wireless Modem

DVD writers

High Resolution Cards

High definition RAM

And so many other technologies which makes the Virtual offices more powerful and easy for the customers to purchase and sale the things online easily.


This arrangement stated that the virtual organisation is very powerful and easy way to sale and purchase the things and goods. You can easily found the hundreds of things through online, without visiting the outfit or out lets of the companies. And you have a lot of variety in the products range. IN virtual organisation you have no need to setup a big office for the company and then launch you products, you just need some computers which can easily meet the requirement of and office and your can sale and purchase your product on the net easily. It needs some improvement which hopefully will be done with the passage of time.


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Create effective online


direct communication processes

What is Effective communication?

The capability to communicate successfully is an skill that can be use in many areas of life, from employ and schooling to parenting and relationships. An useful communicator takes into version the meeting or listener getting the message and communicates consequently.

Efficient Business communication:-

For a good communication in business, we should ensure the following: .


If you market your business online you likely spend a lot of time communicating with customers and prospects via e-mail. You may also spend time networking on message boards and other online groups. Here are a few tips to help save time and to help make sure the message you want to send is the message that is received.

1. Use meaningful subject lines.

You want to convey the content of the message. Make sure your subject line is as specific as it can be in a few words. “ I have a question” doesn’t offer any clue to the content, but “ question about shipping” does. You may think that the subject line isn’t that important since your question will be in the message, but a recipient who may receive a hundred emails a day will prioritize by subject line and the more specific subjects will likely be read first.

You also want to choose email subject lines that are less likely to be blocked by a spam filter. Avoid spam filter trigger words like “ free,” “ info you requested,” and “ save”.

When posting on message boards and news groups you want your subject line to attract the people who can answer your question or who are interested in the topic. Many message board participants have limited time and they only open the topics of interest. If your subject line simply reads, “ help me” the experts may skip over it. But “ need help with search engine optimization” will likely get the attention of someone with more experience on the topic.

Don’t change the subject line in your reply unless you are completely changing the topic of the message.

2. Your message should be concise, but complete. Get to your point early in your message and make sure you provide all the necessary information.

Some people still pay an hourly rate for Internet access and others are limited in the amount of information they can download. Unnecessarily long messages may be ignored or deleted by those individuals and unnecessarily long email messages add to an already overburdened email system.

By providing complete information in your first message you can often get your request taken care of right away. For example, if you email a website to ask for a change to your ad or your reciprocal link, don’t just ask, “ how can I change my ad,” but include the changes you want to make. Often, changes are made by email so if you include the information in your first email the change will be made right away.

3. When replying to e-mail, be sure to include enough of the original message to convey the context of the reply.

The person you’re corresponding with may receive hundreds of messages a week and your message will be answered sooner and more accurately if the rest of the correspondence is included.

An exception should be made when you’ve written back and forth quite a few times and the email message starts to get very large. In that case, delete some of the earlier messages that are no longer necessary. Additionally, if you are emailing a newsgroup that offers daily “ digest” be sure to remove most of the original message. It becomes very difficult to read the digest when every response includes the entire original message.

On threaded messa

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