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Careers in psychology

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Careers in Psychology The essay aims to discuss the new insights that I gained from DeAngelis’ “ Psychology’s Growth Careers” and Packard’s “ Giving Each Other A Lift”. Careers in Psychology In DeAngelis’ article “ Psychology’s Growth Careers”, I learned that my planned career as a Military Family Life Consultant is indeed a good choice. Despite the economic slowdown, the demand for psychologists is still on the rise. From the article, I learned that it is a very much in demand career now and it has growth potentials. According to the article, “ opportunities abound for psychologists in the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)” (DeAngelis, 2008). With the increase in military men being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, there will be an increase in demand for psychologists who need to assist them and their families. I think that this is the right career path for me since opportunity to travel around the world also exist since I can work in different VA nursing homes or be a member of teams assigned to take services to veterans who cannot go to hospitals. My view regarding the career options that I may take widened after reading DeAngelis’ article. I realized that I can even work with the Department of Homeland Security because they need psychologists to help them study the impact of terrorism on both the individual and the society. The article “ Giving Each Other A Lift” by Packard, widened my view regarding my career. I realized that I can be of help to other psychologists and the other way around. I should not only be concerned with the development of my own career but rather I should try to reach out to other psychologists because it will benefit me too. Conferences and workshops are an ideal place to meet fellow psychologists who may be able to assist me in the areas of marketing and finances as well as possible career practice diversification. Mentoring relationships between early career and senior psychologists abound. There is a plethora of benefits that can be derived from these relationships which I was not aware before. References DeAngelis, T. (April 2008). Psychology’s growth careers. American Psychological Association, 39 (4), 64. http://www. apa. org/monitor/2008/04/careers. aspx Packard, E. (April 2008). Giving each other a lift. American Psychological Association, 39(4), 48. http://www. apa. org/monitor/2008/04/earlycareer. aspx.

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