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Business intelligence

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This is an essay about business intelligence. Business intelligence involves the collection of current and relevant information that helps the management of organizational and individual businesses to be more efficient. There are several reasons as to why business intelligence is there today. BI turns a large amount of information into actionable business thoughts. It provides increased value to enterprise information to improve business operation. It also reduces doubt in decision-making. It helps managers make an informed decision within a short time. It also supports multi-users demands and helps the business achieve competitive returns.
Real-time is becoming increasingly important to businesspersons because of its benefits. Real-time helps businesspersons to sense internal and external challenges. Once they have identified them, they will respond efficiently and immediately away. The information provided also helps them answer to these challenges instantly. Apart from dealing with challenges it helps them achieve workplace modernization and enables all their employees to contribute to the running of the business. It helps managers react to trends, improve marketing and customer relations.
The decision-makers pick the principles that bring attention to the problem features that are relevant to the decision. The decision systems are computer programmes installed, and they function in a certain way. The decision-makers feed into the computer the relevant information to make the final decision.
The various models have their weakness and strengths.

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