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Business and humanity

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Business and Humanity Every business in the world follows certain principles and humans are bound to follow the principles to make sure the rights of others are not compromised. Legislation to protect other’s rights are always in place, but this cannot ensure optimum delivery or protection of other’s rights. For this reason, ethical values in businesses are given extreme importance as this is the only way to ensure that the rights of others are protected.
I have been working in the field of management and my expertise revolves around the fiscal aspects of businesses. From managing people and setting-up schedules to auditing fiscals records every activity has been a source of fascination in my professional life and I am proud to express that my work has never failed to stimulate me. For me, business activities are a reflection of human needs and humans a interlinked to each other in a fashion that makes them inevitable for each other. This interaction should however be driven by the need to promote human values and not by personal desires. I feel that when personal desires and preferences are given more importance than humanity and ethical values, businesses fail to serve the larger purpose of serving humanity.
I am confident that my knowledge and understanding of business, management and finance will provide me a superior opportunity to serve others who are part of my working team, due to the reason that my philosophy of humanity in business revolves around following the principles that are ethically correct and morally sound.

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