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Building a power base

College Gaining power in a new place full of experienced nurses can be a hard task to accomplish. It requires one to have a strict plan that is to be used in climbing the ladder. Developing a power base in this new place is vital in achieving the supervisor position. In order to stimulate growth in this agency, I need to have a promotion to the level of a supervisor. However to achieve this, many things are needed from me to prove that I am capable of performing at this crucial level. I have to prove that I am not only different to the other nurses but that I can also be a positive influence in their career. This will happen if and only if I strictly follow the power-building plan that I have.
Being a professional and team player tops the list of actions in the power-building plan. To become a supervisor, one needs to prove to the organization that they know their work and that they can work well with the other members of the staff. I am no exception to this and so I have to behave in a manner that shows that I understand what is expected of me. To achieve this, I need to have a decent dress code that will show that I am a nurse; I have to come to work on time and spend extra time socializing with my patients and knowing what is affecting them. To show my professionalism, I need to respect my supervisor and always ensure that I follow their instructions carefully. Every place has its set rules and the healthcare agency is not an exception. To show that I have the ability to become a supervisor, I have to ensure that I know the hospital rules and follow them effectively. This includes reporting time, the dressing code, the way to interact with the patients and the entire workforce (Yoder. 2011).
Effective communication is one most important element in achieving the goals. This means that I have to effective communicate with all the players in the agency. I have to ensure that through my communication I am able to recognize ranks and ensure that I do not spoil things with my communication. Getting outside help is also important. I have to look at various supervisors and what they did to achieve their current positions. After this, I have to develop leadership qualities. There is no better way of doing this than following the rules of the agency. I also have to ensure that I always see problems in the agency and report them for fixture. Ensuring that the needs of the workforce are met is also an important tool as it allows one to be loved by other members of the workforce. Lastly, I have to get empowerment from other members of staff as well as the patient. This can only happen if I stay close to them, learn them, and understand them (Larson, 2001).
In conclusion, it is hard to get a promotion in this agency due to the number of experienced nurses here but with these actions, I have a guarantee that the promotion is possible if the actions are strictly followed.
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