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Bottle designs analysis

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I’m a column shape water bottle with a greenish colour of cap and birth label on my transparent colour and wale pattern body. The label state all the information of mine which including my weight with 350ml, my organ and blood system in the ingredient part, place of birth at Melaka, Malaysia and of course my identity which people used to called it barcode and obtain me by scan on it. I was sent to a shop named seven- eleven with siblings when 2-weeks-old but this was where the tragedy happened. It’s at the moonlight night, a night people used to have their sweet dream on the lovely ed.

Unluckily, I was an inconspicuous bottle who loitering and crying on the lonely slopes street because of a drunken old man who obtain me and ‘suck in’ all the blood in my body to sober up his brain. My body is now rubbing to the road and play a sweet symphony. This short Journey is like fast and furious 5 in the scene but I’m act to dodge the big stone and deep hole instead of car. The rubbing makes me feel some stabbing pain which in the affordable range. But the most broken-hearted is my skin has been scratching by rubbing and become full of scratches. The cool but lustery weather makes me hard to stop myself on the street.

I had no idea how to stop and felt forlornness to this situation because I might be obliged stuck somewhere on the street for whole life. The wind presumptuous indecent me and forced me to loiter along the street. Finally I stopped on the street near the drain since a huge tire block my way. I look around but there were no people or even a cat in my sight at this lonely night. I scream and shout with heartbreaks to the old man to pick me up or bring me home thus I won’t stick at there forever. He couldn’t hear me and went away afterword. I felt sleepy after this entire thrilling Journey. I was awakened by the ear-piercing horn.

The glare and dazzle sun makes me couldn’t open my eyes and suddenly I hear ‘Pi Pi Piak Piak sound. I felt unbearable pain from my body and soul since an old truck filled with waste mercilessly run over me without any warning and alert. But I was also unable to do anything even it gave me a whisper horn. When I was feeling the unbearable pain, a limousine as quickly as lighting run over me and left me a wisp of smelly grey smoke. The vehicles on the road treat me like an ant that keep run over me continuously and I was drifted by hem from where to where since I couldn’t remember where I am.

I thought my miserable wandering life would bring me to heaven but it stopped after few hours. I opened my eyes and realized that I was stuck by an old towering tree because the old roots locked me firmly. In this sad moment, I remember and missed my siblings, missed the days we chatting together happily. I think they might be sent back to the place we birth to refill the blood now, they might be missed me also. I remember that the place I birth was very clean and the air was fresh. Unlike the street and this tree which full of dust.

The days I stuck by the old tree, originally didn’t had any wind or rain but there were people who forced to help me take bath by pee at me. Sometimes, there would be people who drunk and vomit to me. I couldn’t did anything even I didn’t like it. So, I learned to be optimism, treat that like bathing. But days by days, I became smelly, estimated mildew. I started to talk and pray to god, hope that any scavengers would pity me and pick me up. I did it every day and didn’t give up this small hope. In the leisure time, I would always look around, I always imagined leaving here and backing home.

One day, I hear ” nah grandpa, here is nother empty cans”, I look up and saw an old scavenger holding a little girl. He was dragging a big plastic bad which full of recycle items. I was so enw and desperate to go in that plastic bag, this was the only chance I could go back to recycle station and sent back to home. I keep scream and shout, moving my body even these was useless since the old scavenger couldn’t hear and saw what I did to him. After they passed by me, I was totally give up and forlornness again… But, there was always a ‘but’ in life journey which could change your life, so, Just think of the bright sight of the life.

The little girl like sensed me and look back, she saw me and came towards me to pick me up. I was so sincere thanks to the little girl since she save my life. After that, I follow them to back to their home, the little took me out from the plastic bag and help me to wash my smelly and dirty body. She cut me into half after that and used me as flower pot to plant her flower. I didn’t felt any remorse since she save my life, she keep watering the flower which I used to plant and talking to it every day. I felt that this might be another type of lifestyle for me. I was enjoyed and happy.

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