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Mind Gym The book talks about performances of individuals on different fields and its effect on their mind. The one key point that the book insists on is the idea of not making bad decisions that affects the ability to play the favorite sport. It also insists on believing in you as an individual. I found this interesting because the book gives personal insight of many athletes on why they go wrong and how they can overcome them. My goal of this week is to try to avoid making bad decisions that might affect the way I deal with many things. I have to believe in myself in whatever I do. Like on the fields, I have to gain the control of my mind to make proper decisions (Gary and Casstevens, 23).
The chapter reviewed that people have to believe in themselves as exercise can benefit them in many way that they are not even aware of. The book is a guide for the athlete to inner excellence. It shows the many things that one has to shade off in order to become a winner. The authors’ main massage was to encourage people on how to control what they fill to be good to them. The chapter reviewed that the book is to build the mental muscles of athlete in many fields. The author’s main massage was to encourage the athlete on how to overcome the difficulty they undergo in the fields. The chapter review shows how to implement tough decisions in a humane way. The main massage of the author was to show how leaders should clean their dirty work and the steps to follow to achieve this (Gary and Casstevens, 42).
Work cited
Gary, Mack. and Casstevens, David. The mind gym: wake up your mind. London: Time Warner, 2005. Print.

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