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Bluetooth technology

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In 2001 Giussani once said ” Where Bluetooth is likely to have the biggest impact in the next few years is by creating personal area networks (PAN) by linking together all the devices carried by one person into a kind of invisible digital bubble: laptop computer, mobile phone, headset, personal digital assistant, pager or a MP3.” This statement is very true to the world will live in today, at present if you have the right technology that is Bluetooth enabled it is possible to connect your laptop computer, mobile phone, headset, personal digital assistant, pager or a MP3 together to transfer data from one to the next. This was thought of then as the future advancement that is now a reality, which goes to prove that many of the aspects spoke about for future advancements of Bluetooth will one day be the reality.

” The promise held out by wireless technologies is of a future in which any wireless device, whatever size, wherever located, can instantaneously connect to any other device on the planet – without today’s constraint of requiring cables running between them”.(Poynder, 2001) With the possibilities Bluetooth offers it will not be long before it is used in our lives on a daily basis and not even thinking about what the technology is or where it comes from. ” The potential of the Bluetooth technology is virtually unlimited. One after another, new applications and products, as well as increased functionality, will be introduced.” (Sigyartsen, 2001)

With the technology on offer by Bluetooth it is straightforward to look into the possibilities of the future, all electronic appliances that are in the home and office could be linked up making everyday tasks slightly easier. Although it may still be some time before the technology is available it will be here in the future. When at home you could have your laptop connected to your coffee machine so that you can put the machine on to boil without even moving.

Bluetooth ” will be able to regulate the temperature of the refrigerator at the office, activate and deactivate the car and home security system from a desktop computer in the office or from the mobile phone.” (Bluetooth is Future For Wireless Technology, 2003) You could play multiplayer games with your friends, or write e-mails on your laptop on the plane, then when you land and switch on your handset, the messages can be automatically sent by your phone. (Sigyartsen, 2001)

Everywhere you go during the day how many devices do you use? Switch on a light, T. V, Coffee machine, get on a bus, drive a car, use a phone, the list is endless, if all these appliances were Bluetooth enabled it would cut down on time and simplify life that is already hectic. In the morning you get on a bus and your mobile phone automatically pays your bus fare, or maybe as you walk through the tube station your fare is paid, diminutive chores in your day can be made simplified. ” You could even use your mobile phone to control the locking and alarm on your car, as well as integrate it with the car’s stereo so you can talk hands free while you are on the go.” (Sigyartsen, 2001)

Your phone could become a very useful form of communication opening up many doors for advertisers and give you a wider range of information that was unknown to you, when walking though a supermarket, shopping centre or even an airport you could have messages sent directly to your mobile phone on the offers that are available. You may think that it will never stop all the advertisement and are someone that does not want it but that is where Bluetooths’ security comes into play, it is possible to stop all these through a simple option on your phone. ” Bluetooth wireless technology is set to revolutionize the personal connectivity market by providing freedom from wired connections.” (Bluetooth, http://www. bluelinx. com/bluetooth. html)

While there are many advantages to everyday life that can be changed by Bluetooth there is a large area that it can make a big difference to that could change a life or death situation is in the medical profession. Bluetooth resolves many of the wireless problems that are encountered in the world of medicine. With everything in hospital, quick and immediate responses are required; it can be a matter of life and death. Bluetooth ” addresses many of the performance requirements specific to medical applications” (Saltzstein, 2002).

Whether it is in or out the hospital there are many areas that Bluetooth will be able to effect and help us. If someone is going for their afternoon jog, walk or just simply having a stroll to the shops things can go wrong, if someone has a heart attack they are dependant on someone else finding and helping them. Bluetooth technology will prevent this situation by ” a patient-worn pulse oximeter and a portable patient monitor.” (Saltzstein, 2002).

If this is to take place then the patient would wear a band that connects to their mobile phone through Bluetooth technology, when their body shows the first sign of a heart attack then the phone will be activated to alert either a family member or doctor. Having a system like will not only help to prevent prolonged suffering but it will help decrease un-needed deaths. ” Such systems might be useful not only for emergency alerts, but also for remote collection of more benign information.” (Eisenberg, 2003) If the wearable heart monitor was advanced enough it would be able to help the doctor or the ambulance crew vital statistics would be sent to them and inform them what state the patient is in. Giving them valuable readings before they get there. It is clear that medical devices and medical information management products will benefit from the advantages provided by Bluetooth wireless technology. (Saltzstein, 2002)

This idea can also be passed on to doctors working in hospitals, if they were all connected to a LAN via Bluetooth they would be able to help an advise others how to treat patients on the way to an emergency. It may only be a few minutes before they can get there but every second counts. ” Doctors will no longer rely on one-way paging systems but will be alerted via their phone and can therefore provide instructions on their way to a patient.” (Ostergaard, 2002)

Other exhilarating possibilities that are on offer from Bluetooth in the medical communication system is the ability for devices to connect onto a LAN (local Area Network) or a WAN (Wide Area Network), this gives devices a high mobility range with longer lasting battery power. By connecting to a LAN or WAN it rules out the need for many input, output and storage devices. Bluetooth appliances will be able to connect to other devices and will rule out a lot of equipment being needed creating more space and cutting down costs and power used. ” Devices also can talk to each other within a patient-area network, which will make them less prone to medical errors”. (Saltzstein, 2002)

With the evidence shown it is clear that there is a long and booming life ahead of the developing world of Bluetooth. With the technology that is available it will be possible for many different areas to be affected, with the right research and testing put into place. Bluetooth is going to change the world we live in today and make it much easier to do certain tasks. Sigyartsen (2001) once said, ” Before year 2002, the Bluetooth technology should be built into hundreds of millions of electronic devices. Mobile phone, Mobile computers, handheld devices, Headsets, Office equipment, Cameras, still image and video, Internet access and e-mail…”

As we all know the world we live in today has all these devices available and are being used by humankind. With the evidence shown it will only be a matter of time before most electrical equipment will be Bluetooth enabled and users will be controlling them from wherever they are. When in the office you will be able to put a coffee machine on to boil before you are even there, Doctors will be able to respond and give advice to others before they turn up to an emergency. Whether it is an emergency at the hospital or elsewhere Doctors will be able to have a permanent connection whether through a headset or another device and will be able to give constant advice throughout. ” Wireless devices will also always know exactly where they are located geographically, allowing, for instance, the emergency services to locate distressed 999 callers”. (Poynder, 2001)

The signals produced through Bluetooth will not interfere with hospital equipment and will not lose transmission in bad areas. Not only will it make certain aspects of life easier it will also be able to prevent little disasters from taking place. In order for all this to happen Bluetooth technology will have to expand and increase the distance that the radio signals are transmitted, that is the one limit on it at the moment the close proximity that must be kept in order to transmit signals. Once this problem can be overcome there will be no stopping the development and expansion of Bluetooth.

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