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Berlin Neue Sachlichkeit” ie (New Objectivity) ” Neue Sachlichkeit” is defined as a “ movement in the fine arts, music, and literature, which developed in Germany during the 1920s and was characterized by realism and a deliberate rejection of romantic attitudes” (Neue Sachlichkeit).
2) Walter Gropius
Walter Gropious was noted as an American-German architect who was born in the year 1883 and identified to be one of the leaders of modern functional architecture (infoplease). His architectural works and designs make him famous and driven out by the Nazis from Germany, he emigrated to American in 1937 where he continued to exhibit his prowess in his respective field of endeavor. His joining Harvard school of architecture provided the impetus for influencing the “ dissemination of functional architectural theory and the rise of the International style” (infoplease par. 1)
3) Schuster Hall
Schuster Hall was identified as the location within the Union Brewery built by Henry Schuster in 1877 where the Hall was used as a ‘ site of meetings ranging from the German Mannerchor (men’s chorus) to a group of German farmers seeking to organize and insurance company” (Hoverson 280).
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