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Benefits of gardening

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Gardening is a hobby for many people. Gardening means nothing to some people. Gardening is done all over the world in any type of weather. Gardening gives us pleasure and is very effective to our minds. Gardening is done at homes, hotels, parks etc. Nowadays there is barely any gardening done. Most people have forgotten the benefits of gardening. In the olden days every house had a garden. It was filled with vegetables, fruits and flowers. Nowadays most people think that gardening is useless.

They buy all their vegetables and fruits from the market, but do they know whether the vegetables or fruits they eat are chemicalised or not? If we have our own garden there are two main and basic benefits. One is we can eat the fruits and vegetables without buying thus, reducing the expenditure. Two is we can be sure that the fruits we eat are fresh, healthy and non-chemicalised. The place where I live, gardening is done by most people but still some think it’s useless. Inmy hometown, every house has a garden.

It is a shelter from sunlight and it gives us an exercise. Most people nowadays fall sick when they are 40 or 50 years old but in my hometown it’s quite different, all work in the garden from early morning till sunrise. It gives us a morning exercise and it makes us very energetic to do our work for the rest of the day. For most people gardening is a remedy for diseases like cholesterol anddiabetes. It creates a peaceful mind. In the early morning when you wake up you hear the birds chirping in your garden. You can see green in front of you.

People who have eye roblems are advised by the doctors to wake up early in the morning and see green plants. They will help to cure your eye problems. When you have a garden of flowers the fragrance that come from the flowers and the different beautiful colours are a real treat in the morning. Our life expectancy rate goes up if we are physically and mentally healthy, gardening helps in that case as well. I would say that overall gardening is a physical and psychological medicine for everybody. I encourage everyone to do gardening and you will find that you will get very good benefits from it.

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