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Belonging paragraph essay

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1. Peter‘ s father Five years of forced labor in prisoner of war camp during World War II “ did not dull the “ softness of his blue eyes”. The juxtaposition of the words “ forced” and “ softness” show Peter is different from his father in the face of the discomfort his father has endured the suffering. This negative experience has helped to define the father’s identity but also highlight the composer’s different perspective.

2. remnants of language/ I inherited unknowingly” the enjambment makes emphasis fall heavily on the word “ unknowingly” highlight the contrast between Feliks firm sense of identity and Peter’s anxiety about his identity. Place: Feliks has a strong connection to place through his garden, he “ love his gardens like an only child” the simile has been used to show Feliks has a sense of secure is his garden. Feliks walking his garden “ ten times around the world” the hyperbole emphasize how Peter’s step father love the garden, also it shows Feliks has a sense of belonging to his garden.

Also when Feliks slowly walking his garden “ spent year walking its perimeter” also used exaggeration to create Peter’s father belongs to his garden. As above, His garden gives him a strong connecting to place and is of his own making under his control. Culture: Feliks shake hands “ too violently” to the polish friend. The negative connation has been used to show Feliks has a sense of belonging to the polish culture. His friend gives feliks a strong sense of belonging to the culture where he feels confidence.

St Patrick’s College Place:

1. When Peter’s mother enroll him to the St Patrick’s college, Peter don’t feel belong to the college. Such as school lady “ out stretched arms”, but “ her face over shadows by clouds”. The symbolism creates a sense of uncertainly about his future.

2. After school, “ caught the 414 bus, like a foreign tourist”. The language technique simile comparing him to a “ Foreign Tourist” creates a sense of his alienation in this area. Despite the regularity of his bus trips. The composer still feels a sense of not belonging to his local environment 10.

Mary Street Place:

1. After school, and arrived home.

Peter “ ravage the backyard garden like a hungry bird”, the Simile assuming Peter as a hungry bird creates a sense of belonging to home. He feels comfortable at home and demonstrates a familiarity with this place.


2. Peter comparing the “ spinach, carrots and tomatoes” with “ has been gazette for industry”. The juxtaposition of the nature image with the industrial future is jarring creates a sense of futility of his parents’ work, industry takes over the immigrant’s domain. In the Folk Museum Relationship: 1. Peter feels the museum woman “ cold as water to touch”.

The simile highlights the persona’s feeling of separation from the museum unwelcome woman. Identity:

1. Peter used juxtaposition between “ town hall’s church service” and “ museum” to emphasize the persona’s isolation, just like “ they sing to Christ” and “ I try to memorize”. Also highlight the contrast between the belonging felt in the church service and the isolation of the individual.

2. In the church, when they singing “ Eternity, Eternity”. The repetition highlight Peter feels the time past very slow, it conveys a sense of isolation by difference culture, because he is forced to endure a culture that is not his cultural heritage.

3. When Peter was leaving the museum, the lady asked “ would you please sign the visitor’s books”. The connotation has been used in the word “ visitor”, shows Peter as the reason of his heritage. be alliteration be Australian culture to highlight his alienation from Australian culture, and the negative perspective of the other towards him.

Educating Rita Barrier:

1. The Frank’s broken door symbolizes the barrier to belonging that Rita feels in the sophisticated literary world. In the second time, when Rita goes to Frank’s office. She was standing in the doorway and holding a small can of oil to try to fix the door.

It does also symbolize Rita tries hard to break though the “ door” to overtake the barrier to become educated. She desires to become an educated woman.

2. Rita’s husband tries to stop Rita become educated, so he burns all Rita’s book and resource. “ Denny gets dead narked if I work at home. He doesn’t like me doing this. ”, “ Denny found out I was on the pill again; it was my fault, I left my prescription out. He burnt all me books. The burning of the books symbolisms the destruction of Rita’s new world as her husband tries to deny Rita’s new sense of belonging.

Rita doesn’t allow this experience to stop her from her desire to be educated it does however become a strong barrier in her relationship with her husband.


1. The relationship between Frank and Rita, The Frank’s office has used symbolize as the connecting bridge to Creates a sense of understanding between Rita and Frank. Just like Rita said: “ I’m alright with you, here in this room”. It shows Rita has a sense of belonging with Frank. Identity: 1. In the middle of the play, Rita said “ I can’t talk to the people I live with anymore.

An’ I can’t talk to the likes of them [the academic crowd], because I can’t learn the language. I’m a half-caste. ” When Rita has Lacing a sense of personal identity, the pub and the Frank’s dinner party have been used to symbolize the working class and the middle class to emphasize Rita’s lack a sense of identity and the confusion she feels being caught between two worlds.

2. “ I want to learn everything” the dialogue comes from Rita, when the first time she talks to Frank. The hyperbole used to highlight Rita desired to be educated and belongs to the sophisticated literary world.

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