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Bel Canto – Essay Love in a pressure cooker is much different then love in “ real” life or in the mundane world. The pressure cooker in Bel Canto would be the situation of being held hostage, held inside by terrorists. Not being able to live the lives that they all once lived. In the mundane world people are busy. They are busy taking children here and there; people have schedules to attend to and places to be. The ability to do what they want is limited. Many parts of the “ real” world are dictated by agendas. People lose the ability to love naturally.

They learn to love something or someone because they are around it all the time or it’s what they are told to love. Many of times people forgo doing things they love because they don’t have time or don’t make time to do what they love. When Kato played piano for the first time it was like a hearing all their feelings come alive. Kato didn’t tell anyone that he played piano he just decided to play. Simon and Edith also found there love again, there love for each other. Because death and danger were possible many of the characters wanted to have friendships while in the hostage situation.

Many of them faced language barriers but over came them so that they had what they wanted in dire times. The characters also live for the moment. They act in ways that they wouldn’t in any other situation because the unknown thought of death is lingering. When Hosokawa started to realize that he loved Roxanne it was not known if they would ever really be together. Hosokawa was willing to give up his life in Japan to be with Roxanne, because he realized in this situation that he was not doing what he loved and did not love the life he was living.

Love in a pressure cooker situation makes people be more spontaneous and do the things they have forgotten about or want to do rather then what they have to do. Love in the real world is different. It’s harder to get to know someone sometime, or be able to be with someone because society says it shouldn’t be allowed. Real world love is harder and more difficult to keep at times. But in the end, Love is still Love and it is something that is felt by all, whether you are in a pressure cooker situation or in the real world. The desire to be loved by someone is always there and the desire to love someone is always there too.

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