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Becoming a captain

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The Cheerleading Captain plays a very important role on the team. The captain’s experience, attitude, and ability to effectively communicate information effects the team’s success. I believethat I would make a great captain because I possess all of these skills. I am an experienced cheerleader. I have been on the Varsity team for two years. You have taught me what it takes to be on a winning team. It takeshard work, perseverance, never quitting, and a lot of practice. This is invaluable experience for a captain. Also, I have had the privilege of serving as co-captain this past season.

This has given me confidence in calling cheers and taught me how to get the whole team’s attention. I have represented Cheer in multiple news interviews. I did not feel very comfortable doing the interviews at first, but this experience has thought me how to represent our squad to the community. Lastly, my two years of cheer combined with four years of all-star competitive cheer has allowed me to acquire a solid stunting skill set. I am an excellent second base, and I know how to help other bases in a stunt group so that the flyer can have a stable transition.

This knowledge and experience will allow me to teach others if needed. Should you select me as captain I will continue to work on my skills because a captain leads by example. A positive attitude is absolutely required from a captain. And, I have a positive attitude. I will confess there are mornings when I am tired or my body is sore but I show up at the gym on time and begin rolling out the mats, and never complain. This is important because if one person has a negative attitude about something it seems to spread like a virus.

A positiveleadershipattitude is essential to correcting others and motiving those who are slacking. I feel comfortable calling a team member out and telling them what they do not want to hear (but need to hear) if that is what it takes to make our squad better. And, I am quick to compliment and encourage teammates when I see them doing something good. I have a positive leadership attitude and othersrespectme because not only do I lead, but I also work just as hard to correct myself when needed. Effectivecommunicationskills are essential for a captain.

I am organized and detailed which are two necessary characteristics for a good communicator. These are natural characteristics for me that would make it easy as a captain to communicate information to all my team members. Timely and correct information is vital when there are scheduling, uniform, and/or time changes, etc. You and I have a good relationship and communicate well with each other, this will allow us to easily work together. I am good at both text messaging and emailing. No team member would have the excuse of having the wrong information if I was captain.

If you select me your Varsity Cheer Captain, I will never think or act like I am above your rules or any of the policies or procedures of ——– High School. I will be a positive role model for the team. I will continue to work on my skills because a captain is not exempt from needing to improve as a competitor. I will demonstrate my experience, positive attitude and effective communication skills if chosen as caption. I am confident, loud, full of energy, and I will make you proud if you chose me.

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