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Bad advertisement

In bold letters, “ Give ‘ em the Bird” covers the top third of the page. Below are two 750 mL bottles of Wild Turkey bourbon, which appear to be strategically placed behind one another.

The labels are worn down to create a rustic feeling about the Wild Turkey bottles. Beneath them reads this message “ Nothing else comes close.” The background is tan with a faint turkey silhouette. Across the footer is a link to Wild Turkey’sFacebookpage and this text: “ What part of drink responsibly don’t you understand?” This advertisement utilizes humor, intensity, and nostalgia. By including the “ Give ‘ em the Bird” slogan, the company hopes to get a laugh out of the audience.

To some, the slogan works accordingly. But to others, the slogan is inappropriate due to its suggestion to flip your middle finger. The company is not in a position to command viewers to commit an offensive action. Wild Turkey hypes their bourbon by stating “ Nothing else comes close.” They infer that no competition exists for their product, which is far from the truth. Popular bourbon companies such as Jim Beam have higher sales.

The strategic placement of the bottles makes them appear to pop off the page, along with the word art used for the slogan. By shading the borders, the shadow effect is put in effect. The bottle and text exaggerates the product and personifies the bottle and text. The hyping of a product in any way is an ineffective strategy for marketing. The worn labels that cover the bottle and “ est.

1855″ across the brown top border are used to portray a rustic effect. Wild Turkey is making it seem like people have been drinking this exact bourbon since 1855. With research, I discovered the specific 81 proof variety of Wild Turkey has just come to life in the past 10 years. By tricking customers to believe this is their 1855 recipe, Wild Turkey lies to its customers. The advertisement fails to inform the reader of possible health risks associated with alcohol use. It doesn’t hint at the taste of the beverage or why 81 proof bourbon is created rather than 80 proof, leaving the reader uncertain.

When viewing the advertisement, I envision stereotypical country folk sipping on tall glasses of Wild Turkey. This stereotype is brought to life from the slogan, “ Give ‘ em the Bird,” as I imagine a redneck saying the four word punch line. I believe this advertisement does a poor job expressing the truth about their product. The company promotes the use of the middle finger and falsely admits their lack of competition. The stereotype and the wrong time period of the product also portray flaws in this Wild Turkey bourbon advertisement.

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