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Criteria ref. To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to: 23 MM 03 sonic components hear and describe/explain/comment critically on sonic and musical faults in recordings or performances BRIEF There is a big difference between hearing music and listening to it. This assignment aims to advance and test your listening skills, helping you to develop a deeper appreciation of music as well as to be able to recognize and improve upon musical and technical faults in your own music-making and recording.

Scenario: You are a professional musician, whose all around musical development depends upon an ability to listen to music properly and whose success depends upon attention to detail and quality. Tasks: AAA – Sonic qualities (14-2) Task 1 Book – Play Dead http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V= mono_rennin Snoop Dog – Drop It Like It’s Hot http://www. Youth. Com/watch? Familiarizing White Stripes – Fell In Love http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V= Structurally background and styles. ) Explain the sonic qualities of two out of the three contrasting productions: engendering various features of production and performance, such as: instruments, texture, harmony, fax, musical style and recording techniques. For distinction: Make critical comparisons between the three recordings in all aspects, focusing upon how their musical styles are successfully conveyed through production and performance. Task 2 Choose a track of your own and prepare a 2-minute presentation which compares and contrasts its features to a track in the above three options.

Save your presentation content (IEEE script/slideshows) into your Assignment 5 folder. Give your 2- minute presentation to the rest of your class on what you learned about the sonic components of your chosen recording, including a clip of your chosen song. Observe and question other students’ presentations. Task 3 Complete an assessed listening exercise on your own. This exercise follows the same structure as task 1, only using a new selection of recordings. B – Sonic faults (14-3) Task 1: Gig critique Watch videos of the three bands’ performances at the recent spring gig. Find the video in Studentship> Beet Yearly> Concert Footage) Identify sonic faults in both the cording and performances. These should include technical considerations: Recording equipment, environment, balance of instruments and CEQ/fax as well as musical considerations: timing, tempo and intonation discrepancies. Complete a report for lesson 2. Task 2: Recording clean-up ‘ Clean up’ a guitar recording, which contains hum, pops and clicks, headphone spill and background noise. I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged. Learner name: Learner signature: Date:

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