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Art and craft in school

ART AND CRAFT IN SCHOOL and Art and Craft in School The contemporary school setting thrives in an environment that encourages art and craft to inspire, generate creative thinking, and provoke communication in children with difficulties in learning and those that take English as their second language. As a literature teacher at Javis School, I discovered that most students in my class were disengaged from their school work due to these difficulties. After looking at my students, I realized that the class had untapped potential that art could expose. I learned that committing myself to celebrate the creativity and diversity of the students possess and a magnitude of respect by showing the strength of character and originality thus improving communication and creativity in school.
The condition of the school environment reflects its style and character. Including art and craft in the classroom environment creates an engaging foundation of trust among the students especially during the crucial stage where the class activity acquires self-sustaining and viability (Tuttle & Silva, 2009). I discovered that art is an investment in the culture of the school and should be preserved for the benefits of the students. In reserving original and best art in the classrooms highlight a sense of power to the students. It revealed an increased in performance after allowing the students to decorate their thoughts in the classrooms. The activity increased communication among the thus showing that art boosts their thoughts and influences the culture for growth.
Art also increases the quality of life in the school environment. Art has a manipulative ability as is different every time one sees it thus; many students associate art with the essential effort related with the artist thus generates the effort to succeed in their activities. (Paquette & Tuttle, 2009 pg113). Art increases a complete approach to diverse programs during school hours thus increasing the performance as many students labor towards the purpose of their achievements. Art is also used in the class to make an impact to the people in the society. Paintings created through learning process are donated to people as a way of giving back to the community. Students with various arts display their work and feel proud while people appreciate their effort thus igniting their efforts towards success.
An art creates an opportunity for students with learning difficulties to express their feelings and boost their memory (Tuttle & Silva, 2009). Students with learning complications may have problems in recalling what they have already learnt in their classes. Helping the student work through the curriculum using the art and craft one step at a time increases their thinking skills. These activities also boost their confidence and increase the student’s self-esteem.
Art is imperative to schools that deal children with learning difficulties. It is one technique for improving the students thinking and communication skills. Art also increases trust among the students and improves their self-esteem. It is also an asset in embracing the culture for growth as it increases healthy competition among the students. I would, therefore, encourage other teachers to use art classes in their curriculum to assist the students in their curricula activities.
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