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Arguments and Their Components I have been watching the Casey Anthony case closely. My friend argues it is a waste of time. She does not understand why Florida cannot just send her to death row without a trial. My argument is: Premise: Everybody tried in America deserves a fair trial under the America judicial system. Premise: There is a presumption of innocence until found guilty. Conclusion: Casey Anthony should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a fair trial. My friend’s argument is: Premise: Caylee Anthony was missing for over 30 days. Premise: A parent that does not report their child missing for 30 days is guilty of murder. Conclusion: Casey Anthony murdered her daughter. My argument is everyone deserves a fair trial. It would be better for murderers to go free than one innocent person is sentenced to death row or jail. My friend’s argument is murderers must be punished even if some innocent people are sent to jail or death row. I am just concerned if one person’s rights are violated, my rights could be violated. My friend takes the view it would never happen to her. We both walked away agreeing to disagree. 2. The Scope and Limits of Logic Logic can help individuals understand our arguments. By studying logic, individuals can understand how to look at both sides of an argument to make a decision. When an individual only looks at one side of the argument logic cannot take place. It is based on personal feelings and experiences instead of looking at different sides of the argument. No matter how obstinate or one sided a person can be, they still use logic in some circumstances. Everyday individuals debate within themselves on actions. Whether it is to take the Interstate or a side road to work or school, people have to make decisions everyday. So everyone uses logic. By studying logic, an individual can understand the why and how they make decisions. It can even help people make better decisions, or least understand why they make their decisions. Faith is a topic that cannot be decided by logical analysis. The argument about faith can never be proven. For example, prayer should be allowed in public schools. There is no way to prove a benefit or disadvantage of prayer in public school. People can discuss what their arguments are about, but in the end no one can be proven right or wrong. Unlike with the Casey Anthony case, where I can be proven right because she is receiving a trial, prayer, faith, and opinions are not logical. Everyone has an opinion, but not all opinions are right. Logic is more fact based. Pros and cons can be examined to reach a conclusion. However, when pros and cons are flawed, so is the logic behind the argument are flawed as well.

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