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Apple: Summary: This is the presentation about the Apple Incorporation that is a US based multinational company. This company has been functioning successfully for some years now and has introduced its products all over the world. The personal computers, computer hardware and consumer electronics it has produced have been equally like and appreciated in all parts of the world. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne together established the Apple Company in California in 1976 with a view to providing the consumers with user friendly computers at a cheap rate. It was in 1976 that the first ever system was introduced into the market. The name of this system was Apple 1. Presently, Apple Inc. has expanded its business to more than ten countries in the world, and the number of retail outlets has become three hundred and seventeen. Apple Inc. makes a whole range of computer products that include but are not limited to Mac, iLife, iPhone, iTunes, iPod, iWork, and Apple TV. Among all of its products, iPhone and iPod have been the most liked among consumers in every country where Apple’s products are available. The two have been revolutionary and the features have been both exciting and innovative. The compatibility of Apple computers can be estimated from the figure below: In the graph given above, it can be seen that iPod and iPhone are two products of the Apple Company that are 100 per cent compatible in the market. The music of Apple is about 35 per cent compatible. Apple’s alien ships are 60 per cent compatible whereas the compatibility of Apple’s useful software is no more than 4 per cent. This essentially means that the most popular products of the Apple Company are its iPod and iPhone. Although Apple has acquired a fairly good reputation in the market because of the diversity and quality of its products, yet it has not managed to escape the criticism that most companies of the like have conventionally acquired. Apple Company has been blamed for having destroyed the environment, conducted unethical business practices and used sweatshop labor. Apple Inc. has competition with some of the most renowned computer making companies in the market all over the world. In the industry of personal computers, some of the competitors of Apple Inc are Hewlett- Packard Company, GOOGLE Inc, and Research In Motion Limited. These are the companies that have been working for quite some time and have developed sufficiently to give any new comer in the market a tough competition, though Apple Inc has managed to compete with them on the basis of the quality and creativity of its products. The “ I” has become an insignia for revolution in technology in the contemporary age. Since 2005, Apple Inc. has been continuously expanding its business. Over the period of six years, Apple Inc. has introduced some extremely impressive products that have gained world wide popularity. Today, Apple Inc. is fully capable of producing singular products of the highest quality. Apple inc. is determined to grow further and impress its consumers all over the world with innovative products with unique features.

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